An Open Letter To Russia

Please know that we, the American people, are very grateful for your enlightened stewardship and steady temperance.

The Russian Federation has proven itself to be a bright light of diplomacy and peacemaking during this tumultuous period of international affairs.

To have such a wise and considerate neighbor located a mere two and a half miles away is quite comforting indeed.  Not many of our fellow Americans know that we are so close to each other.  Nor have they heard of the Diomede Islands located in the Bering Strait.  It’s true that a Russian can walk a mere 3.8 km from Russia to the United States over the ice bridge that forms in the winter between these 2 islands.

Russia has never been so fortunate to have leadership throughout the Kremlin that is, at once, remarkably competent, level-headed and honorable.

It’s also true that the Russian people have had the good fortune of experiencing real  unity across the country.  The genuine support for your President and his government is almost unheard in these turbulent times.

President Putin, many of us are well aware of the intercession by Russia in some of the  most serious armed conflicts on the planet.  We also believe that Russia would have entered other highly consequential conflict areas had you seen where they were going.

We are very grateful for these unusually considerate and courageous initiatives.  So are many other citizens from nations the world over.

It’s apparent to everyone by now that we are living through the greatest challenges of the post-modern era.  Were it not for the righteous leadership of Russia, and prudent guidance it has offered to other government leaders, the world community of nations would be in disarray.

Hence, this is our purpose for writing.  We feel it’s very important for all the Russian people to understand that many Americans care about having a mutually respectful relationship with our close neighbor.  As the map posted above clearly indicates, we’re just a stone’s throw from each other.

The American people are not only your neighbors, we are your friends.  While that may not be evident given the endless propaganda spewing from the mainstream media, most of us know that it’s all fake news.  We also know that there is an agenda behind this campaign which will eventually backfire on those who have started it.

President Donald Trump won the 2016 election based on his commitment to forge an enduring peace with Russia.  The unparalleled support that put him in the White House came from millions of patriots who feel as the Russian patriots feel.  That sentiment, originally embodied by the Trump movement, is stronger today than ever across the USA.

Now we wait for the opportunity for both presidents to come together to make common cause toward world peace and international cooperation.  The challenges facing humanity are great and many, and they can only be met successfully by working together.

As President Putin so often refers to his American “partners” in his addressing of the U.S. Federal Government, many of us here in America really are your “partners”… as well as your good friends.


Your American Partners

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