ITS OFFICIAL: Obama is Going to Run For President in 2020!

Previous president Barack Obama has declared that he will be looking to the White House yet again in 2020, after a gigantic group of legal advisors contracted by Obama have uncovered a lawful escape clause that will enable him to serve more than 2 terms.

“It was a considerable measure of work, and I’ve had this group of more than 40 legal advisors chipping away at this for a long time,” said Obama. “I realized that they would, in the long run, have the capacity to figure out how to get me back in, and we have discovered one. I am presently qualified to keep running for a third term, perhaps more on the off chance that I am re-chosen, and I can spare this nation from what is a tornado destruction with Trump in office.”

Obama did not expound on how he could keep running for a third term, but to state that it was a “convoluted issue” that has been affirmed by “the best legal advisors on the planet.”

President Trump has not remarked freely on Obama’s designs, but rather the president said that he will beat “anybody” who keeps running against him in 2020, regardless of his ident.

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