A Walk In China’s Slippers

judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Imagine that you have over a billion people to raise, train, employ, feed, and care for every day, and that all you have to do this miraculous feat is a rich but also relatively narrow band of arable land ranged along your sea coast and up into river valleys prone to dangerous flooding.

Now imagine that despite all the difficulties, you manage to build a largely peaceful and productive culture and claw your way into the 21st century by out-competing other suppliers of finished product goods and maintaining a vast international trade surplus.

You are China, and China has a lot to be proud of.

However, about ten years ago, something alarming started to happen. The “United States” has long been a major trading partner and consumer of Chinese products, which is good— so long as China gets paid for the goods on a reasonable basis.

And that was no longer happening. The trade deficit was allowed to grow and grow and spiral out of control. The Chinese were left holding trillions of dollars worth of U.S. Government debt. Although nobody wanted to imagine it, the evidence slowly piled up that the “U.S.” couldn’t pay its way and was living on Chinese credit.

More disturbing news came to light. The Chinese government asked the New York Federal Reserve Bank to return Chinese gold that had been on deposit with them ever since 1928, and the New York Fed refused. They wouldn’t even make a good faith effort to pay the interest on the account.

What would you think? —Either these people are crooks, or they are insolvent, or both, right?

Soon after that, certain parties showed up and promised to give the Chinese gold instead of paper. The idea was shopped around and BRICS was born.

Those parties with the bags of gold are the same parasites that planned the whole Federal Reserve scam and bled our country dry. The same ones who attended the Jekyll Island meeting and set up their “Hundred Year Plan” to get $1 of silver per one dollar paper I.O.U. –I.O.U.s they avoided ever paying by seeking bankruptcy protection.  Also, the same ones who were behind the confiscation of privately held gold from Americans, which was never returned.  Also, the same ones who have attempted to steal Historic Trust funds deposited in banks around the world.

To put it bluntly, a bunch of crooks took advantage of China’s financial difficulties, which were caused by the U.S Trade Deficit (which they also created), and got China to go along with them and their Hundred Year Plan, all while seeming to be the Good Guys, not the self-interested orchestrators of the entire situation.

The parasites have moved to China, just like a tapeworm.

They caused the problem, and now, they are pretending to be the saviors, using money that they stole from the Americans and Europeans and everyone else.

So now, China has been swapping goods for gold and finding trade partners willing to deal in gold, and the new gold exchanges are up and running and things appear to be going well for China—- except—– except that a tapeworm is still a tapeworm.

Remember when the Templars (and their gold) just disappeared off the face of the Earth? Remember when the Dutch East India Trading Company inexplicably vanished into thin air, leaving their shareholders, customers, and insurers on the hook?

These sudden disappearances are linked to equally abrupt appearances.

The disappearance of the Templars coincided with the rise of the Inner City of London and Fleet Street and the Banks of England and Scotland. The disappearance of the Dutch East India Trading Company is linked to the suddenly vast American commercial merchant fleet of the early 1700’s.

And now, the bankruptcy of the Territorial and Municipal United States is linked to the sudden appearance of Chinese Elders.

Chairman Mao didn’t leave any Chinese Elders sitting on bags of gold in China.

Millions of metric tons of gold didn’t just appear in the Philippines.

Now it is up to China. What kind of life will she choose? More lies and parasites? Or the fresh wind of Truth?

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