“As We Enter the Home Stretch, Anna’s Situation Report” by Suzi – 10.3.17

Submitted by Suzi on October 3, 2017

Why should her paper #742* entitled “Our Situation Report” be important? Because Anna and her team represent us, the American states and people, as the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders in the worldwide bankruptcy of nearly all governments and their corporate central banks with a few exceptions.

Perhaps the following was overlooked: Paragraph 56: …we have completed everything necessary to reclaim and release the assets, set aside the debts, and restore lawful government to the entire world.

Not a bad to-do-list, in my humble opinion. I really like assets. They can be used to help people. The implications of this are hugely beneficial.


So last night, Anna published paper #743** entitled “Evil in High Places” which instructs us how our fledgling country — stuck between a rock and a hard place — struck such a bizarre deal with King George III entrusting him with the handling of 19 federal tasks for Americans (the enumerated powers).

In Anna’s words, “To say that things have run amok would be a gross understatement.”

“This is about evil in High Places, which impacts us and everyone else on a worldwide basis, and which has gotten utterly out of control.”

Agreed. However, this saga becomes even more pathetic, because apparently many worldwide politicians have had a bit of a shock as they have come to realize that the Central Banks, want THEIR own political power also, that they are playing for all the political marbles too, such that, per Anna, “when they finally realize that their power and position has been totally undermined by their marriage to the banks, they will waste no time in securing a divorce.”

Uh, will the innocent please stand? Enough. May their divorce be swift. This tragicomedy must come to a close! Yesterday. Tedious drama.

Anna draws the proverbial line in the sand. The American people are solvent, and she is paymaster for this mess, reaching into the quadrillions at last telling. The Paymaster states, “we are prepared to bring closure to these issues and an end to debt-based economics worldwide.”

I can’t help reading this last sentence many times, because it is very happy news! Such relief is dearly needed across the globe.

Stay tuned. It looks like change is upon us….


*#742  https://mainerepublicemailreport.com/2017/10/03/our-situation-report/                **#743  https://mainerepublicemailreport.com/2017/10/04/evil-in-high-places/

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