A shocking new video has emerged from the Las Vegas shooting that clearly shows a gunman dressed as a security guard firing a machine gun into the crowd from the ground.

The clip was filmed by someone in the crowd shortly after the initial shots were fired.Around 5 seconds into the clip (in the bottom left corner), the gunman, who’s wearing a security jacket, can be seen running into position before spraying bullets into the crowd with an automatic weapon.

This damning new piece of evidence is the latest in a long line that proves the “lone wolf” gunman theory the mainstream media is pushing is actually false.Multiple witnesses have come forward to reveal that a team of gunmen was firing weapons at people but this information is being suppressed and covered-up.

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Aside from the videos and images that show gunfire was coming from two different hotel rooms on the 32nd floor, but a mountain of evidence has also emerged that proves gunfire was also coming from the fourth floor.A number of videos have been uploaded to social media that show gunfire coming from a 4th-floor window, yet these videos are being deleted by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as quickly as they’re being uploaded.A team of investigators including researchers and weapons experts has also confirmed, aside from the mass of evidence that proves multiple gunmen were operating, that it would be technically impossible to shoot so many people with a single weapon in the timeframe it was stated that the shootings took place.

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A number of eyewitnesses have also come forward to reveal that gunmen dressed as security guards were shooting people on the ground, but these accounts are being completely ignored by the MSM.

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