A short film explaining the Federal Reserve System and its consequences on average Americans.

Y’all probably think conspiracy theorist are just”crazy people” who just post all the time. Do you know why I post all the time? It’s because I want to educate people on the real world around them, because people seem to have this bubble that distorts their reality and thinking everything is alright with the world. This form of ignorance is exactly what the elites of the world hope for.  Every day you pass by and stay un-informed or even misinformed you make them richer off the unjustifiable actions they make against people.  What people don’t seem to understand is that the reason people in other nations are struggling to even survive is because they are stripped of their resources by corporations who demand countries to sell their resources cheaper because they are in debt, the only reason they are in debt is because they’re countries politicians accepted bribes to accept loans for the sole purpose to build infrastructure for the corporations while at the same time the taxpayers of that country are forced to pay the loans off while at the same time they are have starving woman, children, and men; but don’t worry, at least you have a paved road. Most jobs people get in other nations are from large corporations because they strangle the competition from other business and farms, etc. By selling their product for cheaper and then hiring the people for close to no pay so they can have maximum benefit, the corporations that we feed every day by buying their goods are killing our world, they own our government and they don’t give a single frick about you. 

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