BREAKER, BREAKER: – It has been so ordered . . .

On the 21st day of October 2017, the Head of State of The United States of America, James Clinton Belcher, ordered the immediate and permanent release of non-violent American political prisoners who have been held under known false presumptions and convicted of non-applicable corporate statutory laws and code infractions and he refuses to continue to pay for their incarceration as any service being provided to us.

Head of State, James Clinton Belcher, has declared and reaffirmed that The United States of America functions explicitly under American Common Law and that he objects to the imposition of non-applicable charges and false arrests of our people related to corporate policies, thought crimes, regulatory infractions, and similarly unauthorized presumptions of jurisdiction under territorial and municipal statutory laws.

Head of State, James Clinton Belcher, has canceled all payment or credit issued as payment of court bonds, and all charges and all costs of incarceration incurred as the result of deliberate mischaracterization of Americans as Municipal or Territorial United States citizens, and affirms his objection to their prosecution under unlawful Bills of Attainder, and to the deplorable promotion of “prisons for profit” schemes.

See Section 17 of the now declared End of Presumed Inerregnum of The United States of America (Unincorporated) to follow.


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