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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “General Intel” 10/31/17

The following STATEMENTS are not in any group or order.  They are ‘facts’ as stated by various individuals. And NO– I don’t have any PROOF for any of this (though I am aware – apart of these being listed below – of most of this.) 

Recently (a 226 page) ‘$279 Trillion Lien’ was placed against the ‘International and American BAR’ for the seizing of the key ‘Patents and Trademarks’ used to create and automate their fraud machine. (Mortgages are trademarks)

A ‘Sovereign Bill of Lading’ has been brought in favor of the ‘The United States of America’ (unincorporated – in lower case – the REAL government – whereas the CORPORATION US is in all caps) and a ‘Writ of Execution’ has been issued.

‘Knowledge Centers’ will be set up in all cities to guide people and teach about the changes that were made to the system without their knowledge.

All 50 ‘States’ are now ‘Nations’ as of 2012. (As they were originally under our original Republic government.)

The key players in the mortgage scam are ‘Merrill Lynch’ and the ‘BAR Association’ who bought off the ‘Courts and Congress’ and sold off ‘Loans and Documents’ into pieces via ‘Patents’. (sold off meaning as securitized documents on Wall Street.)

The system was created by the Navy and Marine (higher ups) and the Department of Defense systems which shut people out and favored segments like banks and governments by changing definitions and wording.

Lockheed Martin is behind a large portion of the pedophilia as they were using child prostitutes tobuy off Congress officials and had secret locations around the country like Washington D.C. Pizza shop. (PizzaGate)

The JFK revelations will still leave out a few facts because a few of the perpetrators are still alive like Daddy Bush (dead now and cabal on his 39th clone), and Bush Jr.  
Trump is releasing documents after 50 years.

Most of the conspirators are dead.

JFK stepped on too many toes. (For one, JFK was working to do away with the Federal Reserve ‘banking’ cartel fiat money and return the nation to gold-backed REAL valued currency that Roosevelt and Wilson had put in place without the knowledge and approval of the American people.)

JFK was going to release the ‘GCAs’ (global collateral accounts) before the banksters and CIA (Bushes and Johnson) killed him. 
Printing a U.S. currency (Silver Certificates) … CIA dismantling threats and Kennedy’s secret deals with China and Indonesia along with some of his philandering were the big reasons.

A new currency (gold-backed) and world financial system involving all 209 nations is happening right now.

The old corrupt system of fiat make-believe ‘money’ and theft from the people via fraudulent schemes (mortgages and various taxes) have been identified and are being stopped.

The new gold-backed Treasury Reserve Notes (TRNs) will be trickling into the banking system this week and all old dollars (worthless fiat Federal Reserve cartel FRNs) will eventually be phased out.

The arrests of the top cabalists and oligarchs will occur.

They had a chance to get a pass a few years ago but decided to fight us till their end.

Now their only choice is to surrender with a total loss of wealth or face death. (death preferable)

Obama and his 30,000 anti-America fascists will try an attack on November 4th.

We are ready for them and the Militia might have to kill some of them.

Obama’s future is dim.

The ‘Global Collateral Accounts’ are ready to be released to the ‘third world’ first to eliminate poverty.

This will entail billions upon billions of dollars to the poor that need it the most.

China has punished 1,537,000 party members since 2012 in a massive effort to rid the country of cabalists.

Some were executed.

Investigators are releasing the names of companies and executives and their intentions to defraud WE THE PEOPLE.

This damning evidence was found in the records of the U.S. Patent office in Washington D.C.

There was never a need for poverty…debt…war…disease and foreclosures.

All wars were False Flags.

All diseases are man-made.  (Bill Gates among those financially supporting creation and distribution of man-made diseases to kill off humanity.)

Everything has been prepaid over generations but stolen via paper theft and deceptive schemes.

We have been robbed, poisoned and hung out to dry by greedy and evil Satanists for hundreds of years.

This is ending.

Hillary’s clone has failed. (only one double left)

Forget about North Korea.

The 124th Intelligence Unit is in Kim Un’s compound.

North and South Korea will be reunited. (once the cabal are gone)

In California space-based, high energy weapons were used to start the fires.

Tree bark is impervious to these selective weapons.

Black SUV’s were seen throwing fire at houses to help things along.

The Government of California was behind this.

Some of the residents were the cabal.

The Air Force is on alert and ready to shoot down any bad guys trying to escape their fate.

The Duke of Luxemburg is Henry Kissinger’s brother and is 1800 years old. (not human)

Henry Kissinger is 1600 years old. (Draco Reptilian) (NOW you know WHY he has looked so OLD for so many years and is still ‘alive’!)

Both are being dealt with by the Galactics along with the Rothchilds.

‘Arrest Warrants’ are ready for ’98 Senators’ and ‘348 Congressman’.

1/3 of Congress are clones.

All clones will be turned off soon.

If you want to see what the municipalities are hiding…go to their CAFR Accounts and look at schedule 40 & 80.

That’s where they hide their money.

Many of them don’t even need to charge property taxes. (NOT supposed to anyway according to our original Republic and its Constitution.)

The Constitution of our Republic and the Constitution of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are NOT the same!  

You had NO RIGHTS under the Constitution of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation.

The Vatican…Jesuits (and their Rothschild Banksters)… Nazis (Bushes, et al) … the British Queen … Khazars and pedophiles are under attack.

They are behind the false flags … fires … earthquakes … hurricanes and floods.

The IRS funnels money to the British Queen and the Federal Reserve. (Illuminati) (And you were told those monies extorted from your paychecks went to the Treasury of our nation to pay our bills, taxes, etc. NO!) 

This will end and the IRS will be abolished. (An illegal bill collector for the Crown, the Vatican, and the Jesuits.)

All stolen monies worldwide will be given back to the original owners.

Poverty will end worldwide.

The Jesuits and their Rothschild bankers will be exposed as pedophiles and Draco Reptilians.

Secret programs and relations with the extraterrestrials will go public and be explained.

The perpetrators of ‘JFK’…’911’ and ‘Wars’ (for profit) will be identified down to every level.

Massive arrests are secretly taking place everywhere. 

Big Pharma…Government…Education…Law… Medicine… Science...Religion and more  – yet the public is none the wiser. (not reported in the mainstream media (MSM) controlled fake news.

Bill Clinton died of aids (2016).  Current ‘news’ of Bill Clinton are showing pictures using his clones.

Hillary Clinton (2016) is also dead … yet the cabal continues to issue ‘news’ about her (Hillary’s ‘book’, plans to run again for ‘president’, etc.), using soul less clones made from her DNA to deceive the people using fake news.

George Soros and his sons are also dead (2017) … yet the cabal continues to issue ‘news’ about his donations to this foundation and that one, and his being behind various organizations, etc.), using soul less clones made from his DNA to deceive the people using fake news.
The SCAM upon America is ending. 

There’s more – can you handle it?


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