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And yet there are STILL those who say the Holy Spirit does not work through women pastors?  Lord, have mercy on our hard hearts.

Madeline Steele Johnston  Madeline Steele Johnston  Please don’t stereotype. There are many logical women and emotional men. And if indeed they think a bit differently, this is one of the best arguments for including women in pastoral work. It is good to get different perspectives. I am a 6th-generation SDA, 83 now, and have heard many sermons; but it is the sermons by women in recent years that have given me some new thoughts on texts I have heard over and over.

Beverly Jean Rumble  Beverly Jean Rumble Those who say the call of God to women is from Satan and refuse to allow everyone serving in ministry with proper training to be ordained wherever it will further the work of the gospel–they are the ones causing disunity.
Venisa Tidwell  Venisa Tidwell  I will probably get flack for what I’m about to say.
We should be very careful on this issue of women pastors. In my experience, women think differently. I have had more women stab me in the back than anyone! As much as we do not like to say it, women think with their emotions. It is a proven fact that we think differently than men.
God loves all of us!!
He has jobs for all of us to do!!
I just think there is a reason why we aren’t supposed to be Pastors. I don’t think it has anything to do with the “times” that the Bible was inspired. Even E.G. White was against being ordained as a Pastor.
So, we should be very careful on this issue!!
Questions and Answers about Women's Ordination  Questions and Answers about Women’s Ordination Venisa and Billie Jo, by your arguments women cannot be successful astronauts, engineers, CEOs, surgeons or a host of other leadership positions requiring logic under pressure every day of the year.

Yet, there are thousands of women successfully serving in these capacities all over the world.

Perhaps God is not calling YOU to pastoral ministry. However, that does not by any means suggest He does not call ANY women to pastoral leadership. Let’s let God be sovereign, and leave our petty arguments against His choices in the trashbin called Prejudice.


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