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First of all, I want to share with you what I do when I travel in my pleasure craft or household good known as my Limited Edition, 2002 Chrysler 300 M Special. This is what I say when I am stopped by police with no state-issued commercial plates and how I NEVER get arrested and if I get ticketed, how I beat the ticket. Here are some bulleted tips for you to consider to ensure victory and to keep you safe:

* If you can avoid it, DO NOT TAG/REGISTER YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY — (Again, if you can avoid it). Most of you cannot avoid this, understandably. I can, fortunately, because my automobile is fully paid for. A tag on your car tells the cops that the STATE OF (YOUR STATE) owns the title of the vehicle. Registering your personal automobile, turns it into a commercial vehicle, and gives the Police the authority to stop it and tow it, if they so desire. So if you have no choice, as with a car you are paying for, the following points may help even more.

* When pulled over, Put on your Hazard lights – This lets the HIGH/STREET/ROAD TYRANTS know that you acknowledge them. Also, if you are in a dark place (night time) and by yourself or with small children, as long as you are alone where there are no lit areas, with your hazard lights on and travelling in a slow rate of speed, by law, you can keep going until you reach a well-lit area and not be considered to be as a runner. Officers already know that they should never pull a car over in a secluded area anyway, unless they have no other choice. Its for their safety also, but still, be prepared.

LOCK YOUR DOORS and CRACK YOUR WINDOW – Roll down only the side that you are on, even if another officer goes on the other side. Only talk to one officer. There is NOTHING about a police officer that can be trusted. Regardless of the fact that he/she is wearing a uniform and works as an agent of the government and is a sworn servant, who the hell cares. He is approaching you with a GUN!! Do you know what his real intentions are? They lie all of the time and won’t tell the truth. If more than one officer shows up on the scene, ask them why and what are their intentions. More than likely, they will say that it is standard procedure. If you are a woman alone in her car or with children, just ask them, “So its standard procedure to gang up on a woman alone (or with children with her) with all of you armed? Why is that standard procedure? QUESTION EVERYTHING that they say or do. INNOCENT people are dying at their hands, so be safe.

* Put your car in park, but DO NOT turn it off. – Even if they ask, don’t do it. Anything could happen with that armed man or woman there. If you are not carrying a gun to shoot to protect yourself (which you can by the way, why would you sit there and take a bullet for nothing), put the car in drive and put the pedal to the metal. You have a right to life just as he does and if speeding off preserves your life, DO IT!!! Get to a well lit public scene and call 911 and explain the situation so they can not lie. Its your right?

* Get a witness on the phone like 911– 911 is a great witness because the police cannot alter the audio recordings made by them. If they see 911 on your phone screen during their fictitious investigation, they more than likely will act right. Your excuse for the call will be because you have an armed man/woman in a uniform, outside your car window, you are alone or with your children and you are in fear for your life (an excuse that they use all to often to justify their murders). You have done NOTHING wrong and you want an unbiased person recording the entire incident. If you can say this in front of the officer, he/she will more than likely straighten up and fly right (so to speak).

* PAPERWORK – Have some paperwork handy (At least 2 copies, in case you want to give the cop one) that has all of the laws and U.S. Supreme Court case laws written on it to justify your constitutional resistance and that can debut ANYTHING they might say, just in case they lie (and they will) and makeup laws that say you are in the wrong (cause they will). Seeing the law in writing is far better than him/her quoting some BS law or statute, that does not apply to you anyway. Police can only pull over commercial vehicles because the traffic statutes that they enforce ONLY apply to CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, not us PRIVATE MEN and WOMEN, who OWN the “PUBLIC” highways, roads and streets, that we pay for, every time we buy a gallon of gasoline.

* Get a dash cam – They are cheap and in this day and time, are VERY Necessary, ESPECIALLY if you are black. Say what you want, but because the police operate according to a corrupt system and NOT LAW, they will lie and steal, just to trick you into compliance and even kill you, at times, if you do not comply. RECORD IT ALL FROM THE MOMENT HIS/HER LIGHTS TURN ON.

* Live Stream Apps – Got a good Smart Phone? Great. Put a live streaming app on it. Fortunately, Facebook as such a feature now, so make a whole lot of friends and when the police pull you over, ACTIVATE IT!!! Your dash cam is good, but just in case they act stupid and take your camera, they CAN NOT take you live feed. Once that stops, it is automatically saved on Facebook or in your streaming app’s cloud account. GOTCHA SUCKA!!!

* Verbally RESERVE all of your rights, WAIVING NONEON AND FOR THE RECORD. – Your camera and/or live streaming app is activated. State ON AND FOR THE RECORD, that you are a living man/woman and not a corporation and that you reserve all of your god given rights, waiving none.You DO NOT wish to contract with him/her, you DO NOT consent to any searches whatsoever. Ask him/her if you have been understood. State this however you want, just stay calm. If the cop is persistent in his questioning, let him/her know that you want a LAWYER present, because you do not understand “LEGALESE”. By law, they CAN NOT question you any longer after that and the camera is rolling.

* Ask for his IDs – Yes PLURAL!! His Name, Badge Number and business card. He is ALWAYS suppose to have those available and ready to give you. If he/she does not, simply let him/her know that you do not wish to converse with him/her until they have been identified. Plus, you got it on camera. Repeat out loud what he/she says for camera clarity.

* NEVER and I do mean, NEVER EVER EVER NEVER ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS. – Instead, when a Cop asks you a question, ask him/her a question right back. EVERYONE knows that whatever you say, he will use it against you in court because he is trying to establish jurisdiction over you. Why? Because he rightfully has NONE!!! Answer him/her by asking questions in return.

Cop Asks: May I see your license and registration, please?
You Ask: On and for the record, why do you need to see those? Aren’t those required only by commercial drivers? Do you have some reason to believe that I am driving commercially?
Cop says: In the STATE OF (YOUR STATE), you can not drive a vehicle without a license.
You Say: On and for the record, how am I driving in the STATE OF (YOUR STATE)? Isn’t driving a commercial action (prove it with your paperwork). And are you not referring to a corporation when you say in the STATE OF (YOUR STATE)? How is it possible to do that, public servant? (Calling him/her a public servant shows him/her that you acknowledge their sworn oath.)

Stay calm through it all and try to crack a slight smile.

* If he/she tries to arrest you or threatens arrest, ask him/her:
Do you have a valid warrant, bearing MY God given name, signed by a competent judge, with a signed and notarized affidavit? What is your probable cause? Have I breached the peace? Do you have a valid written complaint? Have I committed a felony in your presence? Am I guilty of a real crime and if so, please point to the victim? Unless he can answer any of these questions with a yes, HE CANNOT and most likely WILL NOT arrest you. With these questions, he/she know that you are going to be pure HELL in court and he/she wants no part of it. Not in open court, he/she doesn’t.

* Ask, if you are under arrest (several times) until you are released:
You ask: On and for the record, am I under arrest, public servant?
Cop says: No, I am detaining you pending my investigation.
You ask: On and for the record, have I committed a crime involving a victim?
Cop says: Complete and under BS comes out of his/her mouth at this point (and its all on camera).
You ask: Well since I have not committed a crime where a victim is involved, then you have no reason to detain me, so I am free to go, correct?
Cop says: No, I am detaining you pending my investigation?
You ask: But I have committed no crime involving a victim, correct? You cannot hold me without probable cause, correct? So I must be free to go, correct, public servant?

Continue this for as long as it takes. He/She cannot arrest you for asking questions and will soon realize that you know your stuff. Police have for good reason t0 assume that most of America, especially blacks, are ignorant of the difference between the law and statutes and sadly, it’s been true for generations. But people are now learning and wakening. Be prepared. The above info works ONLY on some police officers. Cops are pressured to make ticket and arrest quotas. They can become greatly aggressive. Also, believe it or not, the police departments of America have trained and hired people who suffer from PTSD and these are some of the ones who lose their minds out there and shoot innocent people. It’s not always some racist asshole cop. That is why I urge you to RESIST, but stay cool and calm while resisting.

Side Note: One day, I hope that all private Americans, will be able to call a small brotherhood of fed up Americans against Police Tyranny, on our Public Highways, Streets, and Roads, when cops are behaving badly. You see, it is not the public servants’ job to keep the people from committing an error, but more so the people’s job to keep the public servants from committing an error. You wanna truly make America great, then that is truly how it is done. Reverse the fear!!! When the people fear the Government, there is Tyranny, but when the Government fears the people, there is LIBERTY!

Peace and Love, America


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