It’s the Language and the Court, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 20

judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

I have been a big fan of Romley Stewart since I first became aware of him and the Australian group effort to unmask what has been aptly called The Justinian Deception

I had over the years researched the use of the ALL CAPS naming conventions and traced it back to Ancient Rome and even wrote a treatise about it, but Rom focused on it from a slightly different viewpoint and came up with new insights and information that completed the picture and also gave us the leverage to overturn the jurisdiction of the municipal and territorial courts—– that is BIG. HUGE.  That is the difference between knowing you are being bamboozled and being enabled to do something about it, and Romley Stewart, an Aussie, gave us that.

This points out the interlocking nature of the problem and the process throughout the English-speaking world. We have all suffered from the same processes and deceits. So when we find something out in America, you can count on the fact that the same basic schtick is being employed in Great Britain under the “UK” and in Canada under “CANADA” and in Australia under the regime of “AUSTRALIA”, too.

The Holy See, the British Monarchy, the Dutch Templars and Renegade Jesuits, and the Lords of the Admiralty under the direction of the Lord Mayor of London, have all contributed to the development and corruption and depravity of this international corporate crime syndicate—either by direct participation or by omission.

If we track back through the history, we find that they are using a process of “legal enclosure” to usurp upon the land jurisdiction owed to the people and that they have acted by establishing “enclaves” of sea jurisdiction on the land in contravention of what they are supposed to be doing. Thus, England (land) is not Great Britain (admiralty) and not the UK (maritime) and we have the same problem here. The united States of America (land) is not the United States (Dutch/French admiralty) and not the UNITED STATES (Dutch/French maritime), nor is it The United
States of America (British Admiralty) nor THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (British Maritime).

Go anywhere you like in the world and you will find these same coded jurisdictions being employed to rob and fleece the people of the land jurisdiction out of their rights and property by fraud and similar names deceits and most particularly, the use of personage and barratry and false grammatical structures—–both the use of descriptive language in contracts rendering them meaningless and void, so as to promote “interpretation” by the courts, and the use of foreign sign language– GLOSSA, to
appear to represent people when in fact being a foreign “sign” of an ACCOUNT system operated by all these colluding and predatory and criminal corporations that are supposed to be providing us with good faith services.

All the tricks that they are playing on us have been practiced by them before. The so-called “income tax” on corporations began as “Peter’s Pence”— a special tax employed by the Church to pay for the Crusades. The process of “hypothecation” and using us to “insure” and underwrite the debts of governments began under Queen Anne. The process of “enfranchisement” and the de-humanization of the British people reducing them to mere “franchises” and “franchisees” of the UNITED KINGDOM as we see it today began at the behest of Benjamin D’israeli and Queen Victoria. They used the credit that came from enslaving the British people by deceit to fund the Raj in India—- using the enslavement of one people to enslave another.

This filthy business must be recognized for what it is and brought to a stop, and the jurists among us must be brought to a prompt and unequivocal understanding of the fact that they are themselves participating in capital level crimes and offenses against humanity.

As jurists, they well know the consequences of flouting the law in any jurisdiction and they must be brought forcibly aware of the crimes they are themselves committing.
The most common crimes being committed by members of the Bar are personage and barratry. These occur every time a living man and his estate is misrepresented by the name of an ACCOUNT brought before the court. This practice pretends that a living man is the same as a corporate entity —- a crime known as personage —- and it brings charges against the corporation and expects the living man to respond so as to trap him into paying the debts of a corporate franchise—- a crime known as barratry.

They also regularly commit crimes against the living people in matters of probate and foreclosure. Every so-called mortgage I have examined is void, for linguistic fraud and meaningless statements. The “mortgage contracts” are illegal on the face — they are all unilateral contracts between the man and what is purported to be his own ESTATE, executed under conditions of non-disclosure. In fact, none of the verbiage presented in the reams of fine print holds water, and what the criminals are depending on instead is a secretive legal enclosure process of getting the victim to sign a trademarked piece of

In other words, the mortgage contracts are all void and fraudulent by nature— obviously so— but the content of the contract is not what these thieves have relied upon. Instead, they have trademarked and copyrighted their “standard” mortgage contract forms and when the victim signs one of these without reserving their rights, the vermin seize upon their signature as “enclosed” property—-and claim that it has become part of their trademarked and copyrighted document, owned by them, and they begin using the victim’s signature as a rubber stamp for all manner of “derivative” contracts. This
has the exact same effect as counterfeiting money.

All this and more must be brought to a swift and certain end, and those responsible for this malpractice of justice—– the maritime and admiralty courts and jurists–must be brought to an equally swift and unequivocal understanding of their culpability and role in this criminal system. There can be no doubt that in the routine practice of these courts, these men and women have participated in genocide on paper.

Their crimes include inland piracy, conspiracy against the most sacred treaties and agreements among men and nations from the Magna Carta onward, unlawful conversion, chronic practice of personage and barratry, kidnapping, capitulation, grand theft, enslavement, war for profit, fraud of all kinds, and a host of other crimes too numerous to mention.

The judges really have become the crooks and the enforcers of criminality—-and this has been forced upon them by falsified records and unrebutted commercial contracts that must be “presumed” to be private contracts between governmental services corporations and their purported “franchises” and willing “clients”. This entire situation has in turn been deliberately contrived and set up by private, for-profit governmental services corporations operating in private capacities while appearing to be operating in public capacities.

In other words, these private, profit-motivated organizations have been passing off their “public policy” as public law. They have been ensnaring the people of each country into undisclosed “private contracts” and trust arrangements purporting to make the people the underwriters of the corporation’s debts. This amounts to de facto enslavement and removes the victims from their natural status as landsmen and puts them into the position of being contractors in international commerce— all without being made aware of this change in political and material status. It is the ultimate false hypothecation of debt scheme and it works in tandem with self-interested “legislation” by the Boards
of Directors of these corporations disguised as members of Congress and Parliament.

In theory at least, these private corporate officers can act as elected public officials simply by changing hats, but in point of fact, at least in America, they have removed themselves from the jurisdiction of the land by their acceptance of such corporate offices and are barred from service as fiduciary deputies of our actual states of the Union. They have been obliged to operate “states of states”—- corporate franchises of the parent “federal corporation”—instead. Also, it is worth noting that in America, members of the Bar Association are prohibited from holding any public office in our actual government by both prohibitions in the original Articles and the Titles of Nobility Amendment.

The number of Bar Members presently serving in Congress is ample proof that they cannot and do not represent our legitimate government, but merely a corporate imposter “standing for” or “representing” the actual republican form of government we are owed.

Please see the obnoxious and ubiquitous “Pledge of Allegiance” which generations of American schoolchildren have been indoctrinated with: I (grant of personal jurisdiction) pledge (an ancient feudal act granting obedience and subjecting oneself to a Monarch) allegiance (another obligation of feudalism) to the flag (an icon and symbolic trademark of a commercial company at sea) of the United States of America (a corporation masquerading as the deceptively similar name of our association of
nation-states styled as the “united States of America”) and to the Republic (our actual government) for which it stands (since when does our actual government require a foreign corporation to substitute for it?), one nation (we are actually fifty nations) under GOD (if it were Christian, it should say “under Heaven”, instead of GOD which is an acronym for “Gold, Order, and Dominion”), with liberty (liberty is the same root word as “libertine” and its what British sailors get when they reach port—not the
freedom that Americans are owed) and justice for all. We can rightly infer that “justice for all” means “enslavement for all”.

In the same way, generations of Americans have been taught (wrongly) that they live in a “democracy” and fed the impression that “democracy is good” and that we should be committed to “spreading democracy” throughout the world. Democracy is, in fact, another word for Mob Rule, which fundamentally disrespects the value of individual lives and unalienable rights and the existence of private assets. It is the antithesis of the Republican government we are owed and equally the enemy of any true monarchy.

In a democracy, if 51 out of a 100 of your neighbors want to eat you for breakfast, they can. It is, again, a nasty, brutal, pagan, retrograde form of government that cannot be logically defended in modern times and is in fact yet another excuse that the perpetrators offer for their crimes—-the false claim that we ever knowingly offered to live in a “democracy” when we are owed a republican form of government.

The sum total of this pernicious fraud and overall criminality results in what can only be described as a form of commercial feudalism wherein men enslave themselves to the Company Store, are owned by it, and live and die within its confines—-all without ever being informed of their presumed “choice” in the matter.

It remains to be remarked that in America, the so-called United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and all the other analogous “democracies” foisted off on Mankind, none of them have ever attained anything like the majority mandate needed for a democracy to function within the confines of its own definitions. That is, there are no functional democracies anywhere in the world that I know of. So it is all a lot of specious talk about “democracy” without a single actual democracy to back any
of it up—-another fraud. Democracies don’t actually exist in the modern world, so all this talk about them is smoke and mirrors—a claim of a form of government where none exists.

Putting an end to this horse hooey is as simple and as difficult as educating the populace and those who are operating our governmental functions at the local level, then working our way up the food chain, replacing the corporate capos with our own legitimate public institutions as we go.

In America, this is being done initially on a volunteer basis, with support for operations being donated by the people served. As this necessary reform gains momentum we are seeing corollary efforts by the guilty parties to clean up their act and reform the corporations.

I personally hope that everyone concerned realizes that it is too late for half-measures.


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