Which Will Happen First, World War III or Civil War?

America is in a race that we don’t want to be in. America is heading headlong towards civil war. The elite 1% controls 40% of the country’s wealth. This wealth bifurcation inevitably leads to civil war, with the right trigger event.

America is also in a race towards World War III. The central banks of the West are in for the fight of their lives.

The primary question left to be answered is: Will America start World War III first to save the Petrodollar from extinction, or, will America go to civil war with itself in a desperate attempt to reallocate the nation’s resources in a Marxian revolution?

The Failing American Economy Will Result in Civil War

I have chosen four stories which are typical of the economic fate that most Americans find themselves in as America is still waging war on the middle class.

From Global Research and its ode to Capitalism and the general feeling of despair shared by tens of millions in America:

Simply stand in the isle of a corporate, Big Box chain store or in the parking lot of a strip mall that squats, hideous, on some soul-defying, U.S. Interstate highway and allow yourself to feel the emptiness and desperation extant. The tormented landscape, besieged by an ad hoc assemblage of late capitalist structures, emporiums of usurped longing, reflects the desperate, rapacious nature of late capitalist imperium.

The collective feelings of hopelessness and despair caused by our economic system are accurately expressed by Sputnik News:

…A new federal study observes that over half a million people are homeless on any single night, adding that the number of homeless in New York has grown by over four percent in the past year alone.

On the west coast of the US, homeless populations in Seattle, Oakland, Portland and San Diego have risen. Many point to late-20th century moves by the Reagan administration in which federal investment in low-income housing was slashed.

Most people on the verge of homelessness do not receive any form of government assistance in the US, the study observed.

“The problem there is that a vast majority of homeless people are not living in the streets, they are not visible, they are not in shelter,” said Tanya Tull, a founder of Partnering for Change, an organization finding stable housing for families with children.

Finally, there is no peace in retirement. According to the Census Bureau, nearly 33% of all millennials live at home with their parents and 25% can’t be bothered with enrolling in school or finding a job.

Also according to a new study by Nerd Wallet the following is true: 

 …a parent’s retirement savings could be $227,000 higher if they chose to save the money that would otherwise go to their child’s living expenses and tuition.

Homelessness is at an all-time high in the modern era and getting worse by the day.

There’s a generational collision course when we consider that the Nerd Wallet study also found that almost half of the millennials expect their parents to provide some support, although the retired parents are going to expect help from their adult children. These are both signs of a failing economy. No wonder Millennials favor socialism over capitalism in all the public opinion polls on the subject. They will be willing participants in a potential civil war.

In this article, I am not covering the fact that ideologically, the nation is already at war with itself, courtesy of George Soros sponsored racial divisions from groups like Antifa. The economic divide will be the catalyst for a civil war. However, there is another scenario which shows us that World War III could occur before a civil war starts.

Russia, Iran, and Venezuela Are About to Lead the Effort to Crush the Petrodollar

 Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are facing crippling sanctions. Well, the countries are responding with sanctions of their own that could spell the death of the Petrodollar and ultimately the Federal Reserve. The following is from RT:

The gradual acceptance of digital currencies, with major exchanges about to launch bitcoin futures trading, may prompt some oil producing nations to ditch the US dollar in crude trade in favor of cryptocurrencies, an oil analyst says.

Russia, Iran and Venezuela have more than one thing in common. All three are major oil producing nations dependent on the dollar since the global crude market is traditionally dominated by contracts denominated in US currency… 

In other words, Putin is leading the charge towards the purchase of crude oil not only in gold, but in cryptocurrency created by the Russians. If this comes to fruition, nobody will be using the Petrodollar because there will be no need to. The dream that JFK had to return to the gold standard is coming to reality. Many, including myself, feel that this was one of the primary reasons that JFK was assassinated. The introduction of these Russian based economic reforms won’t necessarily result in a Presidential assassination, but will definitely result in the assassination of the US dollar because the Petrodollar concept and system provides the only protection against hyperinflation that our dollar currently enjoys. This development, alone, will change America forever. War is the only solution.


While we are at it, let’s rub some salt into this wound. The Russians and the Chinese are engaged in gold-backed trading. India is participating as well. This new found freedom which is moving the world away from the Petrodollar is taking hold across the planet

This is the stuff that world wars are made of. These economic conditions are also associated with civil war. The only thing that awaits is the right trigger event. The more that I look at North Korea, the more I understand why we are picking a fight that does not have to take place. A war with North Korea will drag-in China and Russia. This makes the conflict with North Korea a war for economic supremacy with its allies. Which system will prevail? Will it be the antiquated and exploitive Petrodollar system or will it be the debt-free system of gold-backed trading? Nuclear weapons could decide this issue, or make the economic conflict irrelevant because the world will be left in ruins.

I predict that debt repudiation will soon be declared by the BRICS and Western banks will be left holding the bag for the entire credit swap derivatives debt. This is the largest collective debt on the planet. The West has no choice but to go to war with the BRICS and their allies.

Based on this information, which will happen first? Will it be a civil war or World War III?

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