WEBINAR: Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg, Lawful Claimant to the UK Crown – 1000 Years of Treachery in the New World Order [NWO]


WEBINAR: Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg, Lawful Claimant to the UK Crown – 1000 Years of Treachery in the New World Order [NWO]

WATCH ON ExopoliticsTV https://youtu.be/etDFIocg4xg

WATCH ON Omniverse TV https://vimeo.com/247256620

Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg, the Lawful heir to the UK Crown, leads an evidence-based Webinar on Facebook with Alfred Lambremont Webre that is a tour de force of 1000 Years of Treachery in the New World Order [NWO]

Emily concludes by predicting that if the Luciferian Anunnaki reptilian hybrids and their Khazarian army of subversive infiltration in finance, banking, law and courts, education, media, entertainment, pornographic & pedocriminal networks, as well as Religion, Monarchy, Democracy & government do not abandon their habits of war, disease, crime, and infliction of poverty and genocidal depopulation and return to respect for Law, there will be a world-wide Revolution on Earth against these literal walking human Anunnaki hybrid reptiles and their interlocking circles of covert/overt social infiltration and camp followers.

As Rightfully-claimed Monarch, Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg has filed an active and ongoing lawful claim to the Throne of England & UK Crown before the UK Parliament and the Privy Council.

Emily Windsor Cragg, Daughter of King Edward VIII, files Claim to UK Crown with UK Parliament, charges Elizabeth II with Treason
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

The Snake on the Floor of Westminister Abby

During the Webinar, Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg shows and explains how the carpeting formerly covering the Snake circling the 5 Continents on the floor of Westminster Abby has been removed in anticipation of an upcoming Coronation.

Emily casts doubt on the fitness of Satanist Prince William & Rothschild Duchess Catherine to be King and Queen Consort for the England and the UK.

In response to Alfred’s direct question, Emily suggests that the next Monarch of England will be fit to reign, even as her Claim to the UK Throne now in the UK Parliament and Privy Council asserts of herself as fit to do.


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