Donald Trump is constantly attacked by the Democrats ever since he won the presidential elections.  However, they are going too far by attacking his family, including his 11-years-old son, Barron.  He is the target of many brainless politicians because he is the son of the president.

Tennesse Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen shared a tweet in which he bashed President Trump. Apparently, he believes that Trump isn’t a family man because he doesn’t spend a lot of time with his son, just because he had fun playing golf.

Cohen received a lot of backlashes after his tweet. Donald Trump is well-known for his love towards his family and many people attacked Cohen because they’ve seen the president with his son on many occasions. Furthermore, he shared another tweet that included Trump and his grandchildren. He also wrote, “Our child president.”

It is absurd but Cohen has bashed our president in the past and probably we should expect many more attacks.  Around 24 hours after his tweet, Cohen joined in an interview on MSNBC and referred to Trump as the “most despicable human being ever” to be a president.

Cohen continued: “A narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change. It endangers the country. And war … is something he could get into to improve the ratings for the [2018] elections, where they [Republicans] are in desperate shape.”

Cohen has many attempts of impeachment towards President Trump. However, so far, none of them have seen success and it would probably stay like that. Maybe it is time to give up and stop mixing Trump’s family.


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