“Cliven Bundy won! All you doubters please take note.

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Cliven sat in prison for 2 years and stood strong every day of it. He did it for you and for me and for the U.S Constitution. Truth wins!! The Federal goons of the alphabet Bureaus lied and lied and lied— finally committing the murder of LaVoy FINICUM in Oregon.

The government charges have all been dismissed with prejudice. There will be no further trial. Our man and his sons and supporters paid a terrible price for us.

THANK YOU CLIVEN BUNDY. I stood for you at the StandUP and my prayers for you have been answered by a merciful God. How I want to see that ride through the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada—Burns, Oregon—and Washington DC. I envision in my mind’s eye LaVoy FINICUM making that ride across the heavens in the sky.

God bless America and save us from Government tyranny”



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