Former Congressman Ron Paul explains why taxation is theft!

Income tax is the single most fraudulent scam ever perpetrated in the history of government. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913, anybody know what else happened in 1913? The 16th Amendment allowing the collection of personal income tax. Prior to that, there was no such thing as income tax. But we pay our taxes to fuel the government right? Nope. Here’s how money works… Banks buy Bonds from the treasury on the promise they’ll profit on interest earned. The banks then sell those bonds to the Fed, the Fed buys those bonds with a bounced check (why is it a bounced check? Because our national debt is negative trillions of dollars, so America’s bank account has nothing in it. Paper money means nothing, there’s nothing backing it) So the Fed buys the bonds with that bad check and presto! New Currency now exists cause the bank’s account just added money that’s not really there and it will now loan out all that nonexistent money to people. If you doubt, ask yourself this, if everyone in the country walked to the bank tomorrow and withdrew all of their money, you think everyone would get their cash??? Nope, cause it doesn’t exist. You want to know where inflation comes from??!! There’s your inflation. When the Fed writes that bad check and the treasury starts printing money back by nothing it floods the economy with currency and so prices rise as people spend.
So back to the scam. Those bonds that were sold earn interest that the government promised to the banks along with the principle of the original amount paid. So how’s the government to pay that??? Your taxes plain and simple. The government sells bonds to banks and then buys those bonds back by writing bad checks to banks and the banks give You fictional money in your account and then you give that money back to the banks via taxes!! Down and dirty just like that, I give you the American Economy. It’s all a hustle of constant debt creation with fictional digital numbers on a computer screen.


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