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judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

We had such a response– and the Republic of Texas had such a response– to my update on Progress that included my recap of their teleconference and a new method of dealing with IRS claims, that we are publishing their next teleconference information for those interested in attending:

Public welcome.

Will have updated training to answer your questions on Jurisdiction Only.

Subjects to cover concerning Municipal Courts, JP Courts, County Courts, State District Courts, Federal Tax Courts and others called Kangaroo courts all with or without JURISDICTION.

Please, no other subjects discussed. Our time is too valuable for so many folks that finally wish to WIN and not play the same old losing games we all have played for the last 20 years plus.

Expect to hear some success on different subjects.

Date Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Time 7:30 PM CDT

Special Guest to be present for training.

Guest Specialty is Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction only.

Please dial for attending the conference.

Dial (605) 472-5645

Access Code 583966 #

When you 1st get on the call hit *6 to mute yourself and then, when you wish to speak or ask a question hit * 6 again.

NOTICE: Any callers that ID as Anonymous. Will be disconnected.

The call will be recorded and to get the recording after the present conference call has finished, call (605) 475-4962 Then use access code 583966 #. You may have to hit the 2nd # when requested.

In case you cannot make the Tuesday night call but want a question answered.

Send questions prior to training to Ed Brannum

Calls or recorded so your questions will be answered on the conference call and then you can call in on the recording and hear your answer at a later date.

I also wish to announce the Republic of Texas Congress will welcome all to this public session at venue “Lake Jackson, Texas Republic, Saturday, January 13th, 2018. We will be discussing Jurisdiction at this session also.

Venue is City Library.

See website for details.

See our Videos:


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