An Open Letter to my fellow Americans. It is time to end the mess!

My fellow Americans~

Are you sick of the mess we are in?
Are you sick of the criminals in charge?
Are you sick of the lies we are spoon fed daily?
Are you sick of the GMO foods?
Are you sick of the fluoride water?
Are you sick of the vaccines harming our children?
Are you sick of the chemtrails?
Are you sick of the taxation?
Are you sick of the politicians?
Are you sick of the Main Stream Media?
Are you sick of the inland piracy committed by the courts?
Are you sick of the victimless crimes prosecutions?
Are you sick of the thousands and thousands of rules and statutes?
Are you sick of the fiat money?
Are you sick of the jails for profit?
Are you sick of the indoctrination in our schools?
Are you sick of the indoctrination in our churches?
Are you sick of the indoctrination from our tel-lie-visions?
Are you sick of the manipulation of our DNA?
Are you sick of the cancer-causing radiation from electronics?
Are you sick of the spying on Americans?
Are you sick of the Attacks upon our rights?
Are you sick of the immigration issues?
Are you sick of the licensing regulations upon every aspect of our lives?
Are you sick of the corporate agencies taking our children from us?
Are you sick of the corporate agencies forcing themselves inside our lives?
Are you sick of the corporations’ invasion of our homes?
Are you sick of the corporations’ invasion of our privacy?
Are you sick of our wealth being robbed from us?
Are you sick of seeing people divided against each other?
Are you sick of family members being poisoned to death?
Are you sick of technologies being hidden from us?
Are you sick of life as a slave?
Are you sick of seeing Satan winning?
Are you sick of being sick?

If you are then paying attention here and now because you and only you can be the cure for the sickness. Nobody else is going to do it for you! Freedom is NOT free! It is fought for and earned and must be protected by everyone!

Now what must be done is to get up off your hind end and roll up your sleeves as there is some work that needs to be done!  Shut off the TV and take a couple slow deep breaths and do a few quick stretches to loosen up.

There is a handbook that has been created from years of study sweat and trials. The hard work has been done by developing a system that is proven safe and effective. All you need to do is spend a little time reading the handbook and learn the principals of how it works. Study your state’s history and how it became a state. Study all founding documents for our country going all the way back to the treaty of 1213 a.d. where the Vatican claimed ownership of all lands everywhere. Then gather with like-minded people around you and share the information with them.

Figure out a plan to begin resettling your county with an assembly of you and your neighbors in the body politic. Start your county record and appoint or elect each other to fill the required DeJure seats. This also becomes your court of record. Once at least 12+1 alternate (13 members) are present in assembly you can publish a settlement notice locally for at least 3 times. One day a week is fine. After a 21 day rebuttal period has passed after the final notice your assembly can read your settlement notice into your DeFacto county commissioner’s meeting minutes. This establishes a solid foundation for your county jural assembly. The Settled county assembly can now send a delegate to the state level assembly with instructions from the county. From this point forward you will notice a change in how the DeFacto county corporation conducts business as you will see a respect for the people develop. This is because they know they can be held accountable by a lawful assembly that now has lawful civilian authority. Authority derived from the founding documents and the land being occupied with settlers.

After a majority is settled then We THE People in assembly can instruct the DeFacto UNITED STATES INC. that their 1871 chartered services are no longer required. That will be the end of the Tyranny in America!  We THE People can once again self-govern.

None of this will happen unless everyone and I mean everyone gets involved and works at it. There is absolutely NO excuse to not be involved unless you are dead or a def blind quadriplegic. If you don’t get involved then the end result is death or a wishing of it. I hate to be blunt but it is what it is.

Ever since the attack of 9-11-2001, there has been so much evil unleashed upon the American people that nobody can claim they don’t know there is something wrong. So many people are aware and have had it with this mess. The solution is here and being presented to you. Get it done! Do it for your family! Do it for yourself! No excuses!

As Anna Von Reitz and I have both been telling you time after time read the handbook and attend the conference calls! You have assistance and guidance available. No excuses!

Stop spending all your time screwing around with all the smoke and mirrors the DeFacto is doing. Stop screwing around in the rabbit holes they create. Stop playing around in their sandbox. You cannot change that criminal cartel. All you can do is nullify it by self-governing.

We all have to work hand in hand to get the level of competence and standing to build the republic back to the great position it once held.

The handbook and conference call info and resources you need are located here…


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