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California Homeless Problem

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Despite the record stock market and unemployment at 4.1% (despite a December jobs miss), the socialist utopia known as California is home to an ever-sprawling tent city which estimated to contain over 1,000 residents. After … Continue reading

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Did the World Just Avoid Two False Flag Attempts Designed to Start World War III?

The Trump phenomenon is picking up steam, not just in America, but internationally. Worldwide people are rejecting the globalists. The reason for this phenomenon is because freedom and the subsequent development of an internal locus of control is an innate … Continue reading

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QAnon: The Storm and The Awakening

QAnon: Preface A Patriot has surfaced who is giving to many hope and he goes by the name of Q. Let me start off by saying that the Q Anon / Q Clearance Patriot posts are so vast in scope, to … Continue reading

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What Really Just Happened Over Michigan?


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‘Elites’ Now Stealing Everything Before Their Arrests

Dr Wm Mount _________________________________________________________

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Catholics and Muslims are run by the SAME POWERS

The Islamic Connection Catholics and Muslims are run  by the SAME POWERS This is a TRUE breakdown of how Islam and Catholicism are one in the same! The SAME POWERS run BOTH religions. This is TRUTH that MUST BE EXPOSED! … Continue reading

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