All Signs Are Pointing to a Coup Against President Trump

This story starts with an anecdotal account of a man making a Youtube video in which he claims that a Cleveland area Walmart has information from 3 employees about a weapons cache of M-16’s and automatic weapons discovered in a seldom used office at a Walmart. The weapons crates which were happened upon by the employees contained crates labeled as “FEMA”. The office was segregated by the use of an electronic keypad and the video evidence was scrambled and the supposed evidence was scrambled.

There are such security systems employed by FEMA and several sources I spoke with during the infamous Jade Helm 15 and 16 contained similar Walmart content and similar security provisions.

On the surface, this video appears to lack credibility and ordinarily, I would ignore its content in the form that it was sent to me. However, I have received two anonymous tips, one was highly credible, regarding Sam’s Club closings which are owned by Walmart.

Original Explanation Regarding the Closings of the Sam’s Clubs

There are some undeniable facts that must be considered as we ponder why so many of Walmart’s Sam’s Clubs were swiftly and unexplainably closed despite many of the stores being profitable.

E-commerce venues are replacing the retail volume of the brick and mortar stores. Amazon is dominating E-commerce. Google has inserted themselves into the online, retail market. Because Google controls 80% of all internet search engine traffic, Google expects to close the gap with Amazon in competition for this market. Further, the Independent Media is all too aware of how Google censors Internet content through the AI systems employed by Google in which they redirect organic traffic way from an undesirable site.. The same strategy can be employed by Google against Amazon and Walmart.

Walmart has entered the E-commerce competition as the third player. On the surface, it appeared to me that Walmart was closing Sam’s Club stores in an effort to move toward more of an online presence. But upon further examination, Sam’s Club is profitable.

Therefore, I first believed that this was no more than a retail war between 3 giant corporations. However, over the past 3 weeks, I have received number numerous tips which now have my attention. This is a case of history repeating itself. Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote in the summer of 2015 regarding the Jade Helm drills.

As stated, on June 2, 2015, with regard to the goings on at the Midland Walmart, I published the text of 3 communications sent to be by a man who called himself “Watcher” (to view the entire text of “Watcher’s” communications, click here). Watcher claimed to work for a private contractor who has previously done highly secure projects for DHS, DOD, etc.

To summarize Watcher’s anonymous claims, he stated the following:

1. The ventilation system at the Walmart was being replaced by a different system. The photographic evidence, offered below, clearly supports Watcher’s claim of changing out the ventilation system.

2. He claimed that guard towers were being constructed in each of the corners of the store. The photographic evidence provided by Marlon Brock is inconclusive on this point. However, one of photos show poles on the inside of the store extending upward, but we cannot see up to the roof.

3. Watcher stated that “All the display counters and shelves from this Walmart have been taken out of the store. The story that they are saying about plumbing is BS”. Several of the Brock photos support this claim beyond a shadow of a doubt (see photos of trucks hauling out the shelving from the Midland Walmart).

4. Watcher further stated that “…inside the building, I have seen men with DHS badges which we are used to seeing in the jobs that we do. This time we are also seeing men with United Nations badges and they wear the shirt and tie and like the DHS guys they have their construction helmets on as they appear to be planning as much implementing. The place is guarded by private contractor armed with automatic weapons. I have not seen one military person on the inside in uniform.  It is all DHS, UN and us in this building. The organization affiliation of anyone inside the store cannot be confirmed from the Brock photos except for the private security company photos taken by Brock. The security firm was described in the June 2nd article as being very mysterious.

Following these anonymous revelations that claimed that the Midland Walmart, which was closed for bogus plumbing issues, was transformed into a Fema camp ready facility. A private citizen named Marlon Brock followed up with very damning photos.

Now, we have similar reports about Sam’s Club closings.

That Was Then and This is Now

During Jade Helm, the closed Walmart stores remained very suspicious and drew much attention away from the public. During the renovations, the stores were guarded on the outside by private security firms with ties to the Pentagon and some of their special projects.

Dovetailing on the review of the Walmart closures from nearly 3 years ago, Sam’s Club closings have taken on a life of their own. I have concluded that Sam’s Club closings were related to Jade Helm closings.

I received an email from dead email address. The person sending the email identified themselves as a FEMA Incident Commander. I would like to publish the email in as I received it, however, the email came with a request to not copy and paste the entire email.


Effectively, this person has served in FEMA supervisory positions for various disaster incidents. I was requested to not list the specific events. The means and method that this person used to reach out to me is very consistent with similar contacts with the DEA and the Border Patrol.

I want to stress that I never will burn a source for a headline. However, I received very little direction on permissible releases of information. I have taken 3 days to decide what I can safely reveal with exposing the identity of this whistle-blower. I have decided to get to the bottom line without building the case that this informant walked me through.

If this email contains content that is true, and it is consistent with other reports, we are on the verge of a Presidential coup (my interpretation of the facts, not directly stated by the source). However, this source steadfastly maintains that Sam’s Clubs will serve multiple functions and this is very consistent with Jade Helm. The stores are being retrofitted for differing purposes depending on the store. Some stores will serve as military supply depots where weapons are stored to be used by personnel that will one day occupy the stores. The stores will have work conducted by private contractors, in which the duties will be highly compartmentalized so as to not tip off the workers and then the public as to the true nature of the work.

The second and more ominous purpose of Sam’s Clubs will be to serve as holding stations for political prisoners (my term) and prisoners of war. The prisoners of war is a pejorative term. It means that some of us could be declared to be enemy combatants.

The source says that he has attended high-level meetings in which the use of these stores has been discussed. The related documents are not distributed to the attendees for security reasons, but the source is trying to get his hands on the documents.

The information contained many operational details that I was told to not print directly because it could give away the identity of the whistleblower. Suffice it to say, that I have previously written about some of these procedures in articles I have written on FM 39.4 which had to do with the organizational structure of traditional detention facilities called FEMA camps.

What this source does say is that these stores and their conversions are “ominous in their intent” and have raised serious concerns within FEMA. Another interesting point was that this source stated that the briefings never contain personnel that would report directly to the White House. I was told that for an operation of this magnitude, this is was highly unusual and very suspicious.

Connecting the Dots

If I were practicing safe journalism, I would drop hints and then when this was fully exposed, I would rush in and say I reported this. In this instance, because the information is so critical, I am taking chances by exposing this, however, I believe the cost of silence at this point could be devastating.

The President has survived two major attempts on his Presidency, namely, the Russian Collusion Delusion and the 25th Amendment challenge for mental incompetency. What is Plan C? If it involves assassination, there will be dissenters in the streets and the need for camps would be obvious.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch stated that a mountain of evidence is coming out against Obama and will implicate him in many crimes against the American people. I am hopeful that this information will link Jade Helm, more conclusively, with the recent wave of closings.

Based on what I have learned and with discussions of known facts with trusted sources, I have formed some conclusions.

  1. The globalists have used almost all their strategies to unseat Trump and derail American populism.
  2. A coup and/or an assassination is all that is left.
  3. Many suspect that Trump and the President of China secretly conspired to get the two Koreas to cooperate in the upcoming Olympics as a first step to avoiding war. This would draw the extreme ire of the Deep State that hell-bound for war.

I believe that the connecting of the dots points to a coup against Trump and a means to deal with the aftermath (FEMA camps).  Time will tell and I am hopeful that more information will be forthcoming. But even if there was not the Sam’s Club issue, we are clearly headed for a collision course with the Deep State. It is my sincere hope that these very early reports will call attention to the Deep State and force them to change course for when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


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