Pamella Anderson then and now, after hitting the wall… Nobody wants her anymore.

A little known or realized attack upon America is happening and, as an American duty, I must point it out! Global population reduction, also known as Agenda21, is hitting America at its core! And it is bad!

Women and feminism. It’s not entirely their fault as they learned what they live. They have been taught that they are oppressed by men and that they can be strong and don’t need men. They are poisoned by their surroundings with propaganda everywhere promoting feminism. This is done by the same people who took our gold and silver and gave us the Federal Reserve note. Same people who oppressed technologies and cures. Same people who poison our food, water, and air. Same people who use laws of the sea against us on the land. It is all a part of global population reduction. America’s strongest point was the Christian family and that was the biggest hurdle the elite had to tear down before killing the American way of life! 

Below is some harsh reality aimed as an attack on feminism and what feminism is doing. Due to the harshness generated by the mentality of the feminized woman, a drastic reality check must be used to get their attention. Now, this is not aimed at all women, just the ones who are victims of the global elite feminizing weapon used against women from birth to present day to destroy the man and family. 

I met her in a Meijers store in Clarkston Michigan many years ago and she was so stuck up. If I were wealthy she probably would have at least smiled.

This was then when she was in her prime value


And this is now
Scarry looking!
She lost her value and nobody wants her now.
Let this be an example to all of you who choose to “do it on your own” because you don’t need a man and ride the “cock carousel” from your teens until your late thirties and early forties.  That wall is unforgiving and takes no hostages. You then go into crisis because nobody loves you or wants you because you wasted your value and became what you wanted to be… on the road to being a broken down old woman, who is strong, single, alone, and discarded. The only thing you have to thank is yourself for feminism and equality by pushing away the men you should have shared life with.
Men age like wine where women age like milk. Women are emotional creatures and men are logical creatures. Women will be old and miserable where men will be boys with their toys. So you feminist women make your choices and us men will just retract ourselves and let you be all you want to be. You pay your price for your choices… only your fault.
I know there are a few women out there who are traditional and hold traditional values but due to the rest of the feminists, the world has become a place where men lose and lose. To the good traditional women out there, if there are still any, this is not aimed at you. I feel your pain. Men lose with courts, men lose with families. Russian Roulette is too big of a risk that outweighs reward so men protect themselves by not mingling with women. Men are now staying in basements playing video games or on the Internet where they can still be a man. There is nowhere else a man can be a man because women have invaded the men’s space chasing equality. You can have an apartment full of cats and no kids. That’s fine. You take over everything and make all the money. You do all the manly things and us men will just sit back and let you self-destruct.\
My personal experience:
I have been divorced twice due to being used then not being needed and cheated on. But needed my money. Sorry but that is a no go! I removed myself totally so you can have what you want. Your independence and no need for men. Enjoy.
Ps. Here is a few more examples of hitting the wall.


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