ISLAMBREAKING!! SUPER BOWL Goes On LOCKDOWN After Finding What Muslims Did!!

Minnesota is rapidly becoming a Sharia swampland thanks to the liberal politicians who keep allowing Somali migrants to invade the city. These Muslims who now live in America’s heartland have been busy setting up Sharia zones in the thriving one-time town creating fear and panic among the residents. Neighborhoods that once were a picture of Americana have been completely transformed into cesspools of crime, and terror attacks are committed on a frequent basis. Now, just hours before the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots take the field for the Super Bowl the potential for a terror attack has only been escalated which has everyone on high alert.

The city of Minneapolis is buzzing with excitement just hours before the Eagles, and the Patriots battle it out on the field. Fans from the across the country have traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to catch these two powerhouse teams play for the championship, but it does not come without anxiety. Over the last several years, the city of Minneapolis has been transformed from a once bustling town to a third-world country plagued with disease and constant terror threats despite what the mainstream media reports.

In fact, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area has been home to the third-highest number of prosecutions for terror in America since 9/11. So, due to this threat, event organizers are doing their best to make the area “most secure area in the world” on the day of the Super Bowl. With that being said the Department of Homeland of Security has given the Super Bowl the highest security designation available, a level 1, due to the risk of a potential terror attack occurring there.

And, why wouldn’t they?

Over the last few years, a dozen of residents in the area has been charged with supporting to the terrorist group ISIS. Plus in the previous nine years, 20 people have been arrested and charged with promoting the Somali terror group al Shabab. So, considering those factors, the city is not taking any chances, and for the sake of the country, we hope every angle has been covered.

Here is more from Daily Mail:

Four layers of aircraft in the sky including armed F-16 jets will be part of the largest security operation in the history of Super Bowl when it kicks off this Sunday.

Black Hawk helicopters and jet fighters will be circling above the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to force down any aircraft that enters the 30 nautical mile no-fly zone.

Helicopters equipped with infrared cameras will be in the air and there will be tens of thousands of police and FBI agents on the ground.

According to the event organizers, they want the streets around the stadium to be the ‘most secure area in the world’ on the day of the Super Bowl.

Due to the risk of a terrorist attack, the Department of Homeland Security has given the Super Bowl a Level 1 ‘special event assessment rating’, the highest security designation available.

This year the FBI is on particular alert because of the number of terrorism cases in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area has been home to the third highest number of terror prosecutions in the U.S. since 9/11, NBC News reports. The other two are New York and Washington, D.C – larger metropolitan areas. 

In total 12 Twin Cities residents have been charged with providing support to ISIS and in the past nine years 20 people have been arrested for alleged support of the Somali terror group al Shabab. 

Al Shabaab made a recruitment video called Minnesota’s Martyrs: The Path to Paradise. It featured Minneapolis man Troy Kastigar, who died in 2009, describing fighting with ISIS rebels in Syria as ‘like Disneyland’. 

Thirteen locals died fighting for al Shabab and ISIS between 2011 and 2014, according to U.S intelligence officials.    

Among the dead were Douglas McArthur McCain, 33, who went to high school in Minneapolis with Kastigar, and a Minneapolis father-of-nine, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, 29, died while fighting Free Syrian Army rebels in Syria with the Islamic State in 2014. 

Joe Rivers, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI in Minneapolis, said a threat assessment for the game has included analyzing attacks around the world.

He cited the May bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, the shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas and the vehicle attack on a New York City bike path, both of which were in October last year.

Rivers said the FBI was very aware that dozens of young men travel to Somalia or Syria to join extremist groups over the past decade, and there is a large Somali population in Minneapolis.

There also has been a stabbing attack at a central Minnesota mall and a more recent bombing of a local mosque.

Of course, we all hope that nothing happens during the Super Bowl, but if it does, we all know who is to blame. For years, liberal politicians in the state of Minnesota has allowed these Muslim migrants to pour into the city without being vetted and checked thoroughly which is exactly we need Trump’s immigration policy to be put in place. Hopefully, the sight of all this military force on American streets will wake people up in the area to get on board with Trump and vote out these liberal traitors who have allowed this to happen.


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