“The New Tax Law Destroys the IRS” by (Anonymous)

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The implications of the new tax reform bill are stunning, as this bill is not what people think it is. The analysis below demonstrates that the Trump administration has effectively destroyed the IRS and all enforcement of existing tax law by the DOJ and courts from this point forward, using an amazing feat of sleight of hand that Congress probably never saw coming.

In a nutshell, the new legislation cited Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution as its authority for the terms contained in the bill, which is a restatement of Title 26, but EVERY preceding tax law passed by Congress and every enforcement action taken by the IRS and the federal courts has cited the 16th Amendment as its authority.

The difference? Article 1 states there shall be no direct taxation on income except by apportionment whereas the 16th Amendment claims taxing authority over ‘income from whatever source derived’. These two parts of the Constitution are in direct conflict, but taxing authorities have simply defaulted to the 16th Amendment, claiming that any reference to the provisions of Article 1 for tax relief constitute ‘frivolous’ arguments with no legal force or precedent.

Since 2011, all bills put before Congress have been required to cite what constitutional authority the legislation’s authors rely on. With HR-1, which is now law, only Article 1 can be relied on, which means that no one need pay income tax, period, as any tax levied would have to comply with the provisions of apportionment etc, and any tax on income as currently levied by the IRS simply does not. Making it unconstitutional. Making the mind-numbing language of the tax reform bill itself irrelevant, moot, and unconstitutional.

See the light?

Go to http://tax-freedom.com/ and read the first article on the page.

No one is to rely on these statements as legal tax advice or counsel. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions and act accordingly. However, keep close watch this year as the effects of this new law are felt by the government. I cannot believe that the cockroaches are not already scurrying around looking for shelter. Thank you Mr. Trump et al.



Anna von Reitz

Anna von Reitz There’s nothing “new” in any of this, except that the rats have finally admitted that the 16th Amendment is NOT the basis of their tax or their ability to tax, which is actually something that was settled by the Supreme Court around the turn of last ceSee More

Anna von Reitz

Anna von Reitz So for SOME people, the income tax is indeed obligatory, but it is a condition of their employment and/or dependency in the case of federal employees and dependents. And all federal corporations also have to pay the income tax in exchange for the “privileges” conferred by incorporation— since they incorporated YOU when you were only a few days old as a British Crown Corporation franchise, YOU owe the federal income tax— until and unless you move that franchise back to its permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth state and re-flag it or act as the presumed Donor to collapse it. This is all mind-game crappola that these vermin have foisted off on people, unfortunately, these pirates have guns and very little in the way of conscience.

 Anna von Reitz
Anna von Reitz You, the living American, who is not employed by the federal corporations and not dependent on them and not falling into any category of being obligated to them as a franchise have never been obligated to pay the federal income tax.
Anna von Reitz

Anna von Reitz So nothing has really changed, except that they admitted that the whole 16th Amendment claim was bogus, and that in turn means that all the cases prosecuted on the “authority” of the 16th Amendment are also bogus, together with all the ill-results, the fines paid, the homes and businesses lost, and the years people spent in prison over taxes they never owed in the first place.

Anna von Reitz
Anna von Reitz I am telling you all right now, that when you start grappling with what these vermin have done in your names and how they have abused your trust, you are going to be angry and you are going feel hatred and contempt for Church leaders, politicians, and military “heroes” who weren’t heroes. It’s going to be nauseating and the more you learn, the more sickened and disgusted you will become.
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