You can’t go to jail in a foreign ‘State’ or federal so-called “court” without an attorney.

David Johnson  David Johnson

You can’t go to jail in a foreign ‘State’ or federal so-called “court” without an attorney. This is because the foreign, commercial (State) courts are operating in the statutory realm of FICTION and fraud. Someone has to re-present the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME. It takes a foreign AGENT attorney to do that in a foreign, Article I or Article IV territorial, private, administrative tribunal of admiralty and equity.

The foreign AGENT attorney that you hired, “retained” to re-present YOU, signs you up for jail time. You waive all of your rights you otherwise would have had in a State or federal so-called “court” when you allow an “a-turn-on-me” to represent you as an officer of the corporate court. You have just gone to the fox who’s guarding the hen house.

The so-called “judge” will often compel or force you to hire or retain a foreign BAR attorney. In most cases, if you don’t pay one, a crooked PUBLIC DEFENDER will step up and re-present your ALL CAPS CORPORATE NAME against your will and without your permission or consent.

To force you to accept a “benefit and privilege” of the PUBLIC constitutes “involuntary servitude and peonage”. This also violates the Taft Hartley Act of running a closed union SHOP which is a felony act. Neither the Executive Trust Administrators nor the prosecutors inform you that it is only an administrative court (private administrative tribunal) and not a court of de jure law as the 11th Amendment has stripped the Judicial power of hearing matters of law since 1789. That puts them both in dishonor in the performance of their official duties.

These gangsters in the crooked courts need three signatures on each of three instruments in commerce. That is three on the Bid Bond (GSA, Standard Form-24), three on the Performance Bond (SF-25) and three on the Payment Bond (SF-25(A)). The Administrator signs first, the prosecutor signs and then the re-presenting attorney signs last.

If you did not retain a foreign AGENT attorney to re-present you, a foreign AGENT PUBLIC DEFENDER (officer of the corporate court) will be forced upon you, against your will and speak for you as an officer of that private tribunal.

The public defender will be the third signature (instead) to have you forced into jail as a mortgage-backed security. Involuntary servitude, slavery, and human trafficking are alive and well in the corporate courts at both the State and federal levels.

Your body becomes the “collateral” for the debt you created in the public when you violated a State statute, municipal or vehicular CODE, rule or commercial regulation. In other words, you’re going to debtor’s prison until the prison bonds mature along with all of the municipal bonds and SECURITIES which were written and floated out into the open market into investment pooling funds.

Remember: an attorney is DEATH in these private tribunals. An “a-turn-on-me” (attorney) is an officer of the corporate commercial court and cannot be there for your good. You will have to pay your way out of the clutches of these foreign gangster AGENTS by supporting the Bar Association with thousands of FRN’S ($$). I strongly suggest never retaining an attorney. They are only there to take your money (FRN’s), sell you out, and sign you up for prison.

Stay out of their private tribunals!!! The corporate courts are highly predatory and these Administrators are in the habit of enticing you to slavery and stripping you of your God-given, unalienable Rights.

CHAPTER 77 – PEONAGE, SLAVERY, AND TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS Sec. 1583 – Enticement into slavery section 1583.

Those men and women in the silly black robes are not administering justice at all. They are “all” operating in commerce, for-profit and gain to the financial benefit of their retirement accounts. This is an extortion racket and it is a horror story what all these foreign BAR members are doing to the American people. They do not care about YOU!

– Without prejudice, without recourse – Schreiber Glenn


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