We Can Now Buy Tiny Container Homes on Amazon

There are a variety of different survival shelters out there. There’s a bug out cabin where we can go to relax and enjoy the great outdoors and prepare for when a disaster arrives. Then there are underground shelters that are designed to protect us from a variety of disasters such as a tornado or nuclear disaster.

Another popular shelter that’s out there is a storage container. People have used storage containers to turn into a type of tiny home while cutting down their expenses so they can live a simpler life. And there’s good news: Now Amazon is selling shipping containers for a steep price, but they may seem affordable to some.

These shipping container homes come complete with appliances and other amenities. These impressive shelters are exactly what a survivalist is looking for and better yet — it’s convenient now that we can order one on Amazon.

We’re thrilled that Amazon is now offering shipping container homes – who would have thought?! For those of us who would like a bug out home off the grid in a shipping container, now is the time to save up for one. What’s nice about these shipping containers is that they come with appliances! Decorate it to your heart’s content or use it as a place to stockpile your goods; it’s up to you.

Amazon has come a long way since its bookselling days—the tech giant now has tiny shipping container homes available for sale that can be shipped straight to your door. Produced by MODs International, these cargotecture dwellings might not be pretty, but their availability on Amazon is a fascinating sign of the tiny house movement’s growing popularity. The 320-square-foot homes sell for $36,000 with appliances and ships for a hefty $4,500 freight fee—no Prime discount included.

The fairly bare-bones home comes with major appliances as well as hookups for plumping, water, and electric.

storage container interior

storage container interior

Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see how well these homes sell on Amazon—we’ll keep our eye out if the e-commerce giant adds more tiny, move-in-ready homes to their site as well!

From the looks of it, these storage containers look pretty nice, and they should be considering their price! If you’d like to invest in a shelter that’ll last and that also has appliances, then look no further. Like we mentioned earlier, shipping containers can not only be a bug out dwelling place, but they also work well to store supplies for SHTF. What would you use a shipping container like this for if you could get your hands on one?


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