The Birth Certificate is What?

[transcribed for clarity starting at minute 2:58]

You don’t want to be exploited, generically and financially, cause anything that has Certificate on it, like a birth certificate, has a Cusip, and a Cusip is a Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedure and the keyword is Security. And a security is a paper certificate that attests to ownership and equity as in the case of a stock ownership of a bond as in the case of a debt obligation which has tradeable derivatives which means that it can be sold on the stock market. So all this really means is that if you have a death certificate or a birth certificate or a marriage certificate, somebody is making money.  There has already been a promissory note.  It is already a promise what this person is going to make.  And your failures cost money.  Your failures make people money.  Like if you get married and you have over $15,000 or $20,000 dollars in back taxes due they won’t allow you to get a divorce.  Now, what part of your marriage certificate said that in a contract?  That means that the state is making some money off the situation.  So that man can be abusing you.  You could be on the verge of dying in that relationship.  You ain’t gonna get that divorce if you owe too much property taxes.  You didn’t know when you married him that was part of the implication.  But it has a Cusip on it and a Cusip is a Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedure, and here security intimates there is a debt obligation.  So you can’t be brought into this world without someone monetizing it.  You can’t die without someone monetizing it.  You can’t get together, because if we go into the legal contract of the law we’ll see that the word “minority” means what?  An adult that thinks in an adolescent state of mind that needs a third party medium to help him facilitate what under normal circumstances he wouldn’t.  So “you are acting in your minority” is a dichotomy to the words we use.  So we may use the word “minority” and think that it refers to a percentage, but when we are dealing with the law we see that the word “minority” means that you are an adult that can’t make decisions on your own, so you need someone to marry you. You need someone to send you to a law or to God or to Jehova, etc.  You need someone to bring you into this world because you can’t do it yourself, because you are incompetent.  So for that reason, in addition to the health implications, a child being in the womb of the mother for nine months — darkness, then to be subject to lights that do not biologically embed.  Some light grants us intelligence and communicates higher thoughts that people think to us which empowers the body to be able to facilitate in ways that are mot inducive and progressive to the human body.  But to bring a child out of the darkness of nine months conception, a woman has to go through three months of perfect ovulation before she is able to conceive, so three months inception and nine months conception, twelve months totality, that child is born from darkness subject to all these bright hospital lights.  That’s wicked!!!  You know how you feel when you’re in a dark house for a long period of time and then you go out and the sun is there, you get a headache.  Imagine how the child feels when the child is born after being submerged in the darkness of the mother’s womb only to come out to these bright lights and to be held by someone who’s not even the father, someone who’s contributed to the birth of the child, — but to a stranger.  And this woman cannot keep her child long enough because then she’s gonna go off of maternity leave, so she’s gonna have to go back to work.  Right?  So that psychologically plagues that child because that child is not ready to let go of their mother, but she has to go back to work.  So we have to work harder to get our women off the clock because six months is not enough time for someone who’s stayed in the womb for nine months and 3 months ovulate because when a woman is born she’s born with all the opiate cells she’ll ever have, so when a woman is born she is born with all the children that she will ever potentially have and she is the submation of all the stress incurred, all the damage and affliction that she may have had to endure.  Our children are a submation of everything she experienced from the time that she came into this world.  Which is why we teach that a black woman is God, and we got to protect and honor her and we don’t mean that she created every single thing here, we mean that she is part of everything that is here, outside.  So we got to respect our women.  We got to understand that whatever we do to her affects our child before they are even conceived.


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