About the Florida school shooting and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a huge heart when children are harmed and /or in need. I remember several times Donald Trump has graciously helped children without being asked. I remember specifically 2 times. One was the little girl on the Maurey Show that Donald Trump gifted with a large check with many zeros. A second time when a young girl in California needed dire medical attention from a New York hospital and nobody would fly her. Donald Trump sent his plane to do it at a cost around $93K if I remember right. Donald asked for nothing in return.

I believe Donald Trump is furious about the school shooting and he KNOWS who and what is behind it. You just have some patients because Donald will put a stop to this and mark my words! The fur is going to fly! The deep state is in trouble.
I would not be surprised if he goes as far as removing all restrictions to guns and makes sure all Americans are armed.

Do not doubt Donald Trump. He is a master at chess and he has a plan brewing. Justice will be served and it will be served very cold.


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