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Three crowns appearing as one is the symbol of a “triad” being a “QUASI-TRUST”. This may have started around 400 BC in relation to the Roman god: Liber, being the god of “wine”, from memory.  This god is also related to the Roman god of “wars” and operates under a fictitious “triad” trust law system.  It’s a creditor, debtor, administrator system where the creditor was called the “patrician”, the debtor was called the “plebian”, and the administrator was called the “liber”.  God means “word” and “word” is the god of contract.  This is about contract law with the words of the contract holding total authority or “master”, being a Roman law.  It operates as a fiction in an “office-type-standing” giving birth to three political official standings, in the form of quasi-trust.  And those who understand the system know that only two “offices” of such a fictional three-way trust can be filled at any one point in time, rendering the administrator as either the creditor or the debtor depending on what “office” the creditor agrees to stand in (be attach to).  What many people don’t understand is that there are two birthing certificates.  The birth certificate that the State “offered” to you at your birth is the ability to become like them, a debtor trustee, a monster, a beast — an animal to be harvested.  The moment you accept such a birth certificate from the Vatican CROWN, your equitable title (your true ownership) transfers to them, and the trustee role that the Vatican offered to you, in the first place, to settle all your debts, is usurped and changed to render you as now serving the first debtor (the Vatican beast) as debtor trustee, and you then become a trustee to the Vatican CROWN who then has to settle the charges and debts of their State.

By this, you change your political standing from “patrician-creditor” into the office of “plebian-debtor”.  (This is why you vote in a “plebiscite”).  The modern-day Liber triad is the Christian system operating today where the Creditor is the “Christian name”, the Debtor is the “Pagan surname”, and the Administrator is “Christ” which the Vatican claims itself to be as the “Vicar of Christ” (substituted as a “quasi Christ”) giving itself the potential to become the “creditor” if we lose our Christian standing and become Pagan (and therefore change from “creditor” to “debtor” without knowing what is going on).  If you are fortunate enough to see both birth certificates you might notice that the two certificates are the birthing of the Offices of “creditor” and “debtor” with the “certificate-of-birth” birthing the Office of debtor: “JOHN HENRY” and the “birth certificate” birthing the Office of creditor: “John Henry Doe”.  It depends upon which office you choose to attach yourself to for your “chosen office” determines who must settle the debts and charges of the State.  No matter what you do, if you have been identified as the “debtor” you cannot win!  And if you have been identified as the “creditor” you cannot lose.  This is the risk they took because the number of people who work this out without swearing an oath of silence is so minimal that the profit they make by this deception outweighs any compensation they would make from those who have cracked their code.  Those who crack their code without swearing an oath of silence will be of great distress to them.  This secret code of “financial-military-control” is held over the masses by a small handful of people who know the deep secrets of the Vatican and their QUASI-TRUST-LAW.


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