Fri Night, 3/1/18 Rod Class Interview, Angela Stark’s Talkshoe Channel

Rod Class was interviewed by Angela Stark on Thurs night, March 1st !

Here’s the Audio Link:
Angela’s Talkshoe Channel is 3 9 9 0 4 !
>> Note: The Interview Was Also Broadcast on Rod’s AIB Channel, but NOT Recorded !
Even though it looks like it was recorded – something happened and it wasn’t !
Use Angela’s Link above to listen to her recorded show !
Here’s another great Overview and link concerning Rod’s Case:

There’s also an >> official “Supreme Court Blog” where you can read about                                     Rod’s case, his historic WIN and new postings concerning the decision !
Here’s the Direct Link to Rod’s Case page:
You might want to subscribe to the SCOTUS Blog updates.

The Decision was 6-3 in Rod’s favor…link below…Jessica Amunson of
Jenner & Block, Washington, DC argued before the court
in Rod’s defense and was superb ! There’s a link to the audio of the
October 4, 2017 Oral Hearing below…
The Dropbox Link To The 2.21.18 Decision:                                        
The Link is in this Folder:
The Audio Link below gives you a chance to hear voice inflections
of the participants in >> the Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Oct 4, 2017…
In the meantime…
In case you missed the Live Rod Call on Oct 13 in which Rod discussed the
Oral Arguments in the Case in the US Supreme Court
on Oct 4, 2017 here is the link:
The Audio of the Friday Night Live Call Oct 13, direct link: 

 1 hr 28 min
When Rod talks about the “contract” he’s referring to the “plea agreement” !
Here’s a link to Rule 11 which was mentioned in the Oral Argument:
The Audio Link below gives you a chance to hear voice inflections of the participants in
>> the Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Oct 4, 2017…
The Written Transcript Link is below:

The Folder below is the entire Rod Class Dropbox Site

With Hundreds of Documents and Court Filings:

The Rod / AIB Talkshoe # (724) 444 – 7444   Call ID: 48361For the Computer Listen Link

And The Rod Class/AIB >> Past Call Archives << Go To:

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