Remember Who You Are!

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

If I have told you nothing else, explained nothing else — it’s that the vast bulk of Americans are not “United States Citizens” of any kind.

Citizens are subjects of the federal Territorial and Municipal Governments– people from Guam and Puerto Rico, people who are working for the federal government, dependents of the federal government receiving unearned welfare, political asylum seekers, African Americans because they were never granted recognition of their “natural and unalienable rights” only “equal civil rights”—which they have to claim in every instance to obtain a facsimile of justice.

The “federal government” is a series of corporations and corporate franchises in the business of providing “essential government services” under contract to our states.

As President of these corporations, Mr. Trump can require his employees and dependents to follow whatever “Public Policy” he wishes to establish by Executive Order or otherwise the Territorial and Municipal Congresses can establish explicit Public Policy for these corporations.

This is nothing more or less than the ability of any employer to demand performance from employees and for any government to demand performance from citizens owing it their fealty.

My point to you is that if you are Joe Blow, American, the federal government works for you, you don’t work for it. Any confusion on that point needs to be cleared up right now and in no uncertain terms, but you all have to make your own choice and record that choice on the public record.

So, let’s see— do I want to subject myself to the Public Policy of foreign corporations operating out of Washington, DC? Do I want to be responsible for all their debts? Do I want to obey every whim and dictate of the members of the Municipal “Congress”? And the Territorial “Congress”? And be responsible to know and obey all 80 million statutory laws? Do I want to pay federal taxes?

And supposedly in exchange for what would I do this for? For “benefits” that I pay for myself? Hello? Plus interest?

So when Donald Trump signs an Executive Order requiring “citizens of the United States” to turn in their guns and ammo does that affect you?

Well, it depends. Are you a federal citizen or a state national? A slave owing allegiance to the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia? A slave owned by the Municipality of Washington, DC? An indentured bondservant working for the Territorial Government? A native of Guam?

Any “law” or “order” repugnant on its face to our Constitution is null and void with respect to us and is legally and lawfully unenforceable against Americans who have removed themselves from federal jurisdiction.

So if you are worried about Federales coming around and confiscating your guns under the same false pretenses that FDR confiscated American gold back in the 1930’s, it is high time for you to remember who you are and get your paperwork done and on the public record.

Then, you can hang out your proper flag — the US Civil Flag— and your international private property sign — and if any federal “officer” trespasses for any reason, you can present him with a certified copy of your Deed to your Trade Name and your Certificates of Assumed Names and your Mandatory Notice under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and ask him, “Who gave you permission to address me and trespass on my land?”

Because at that point, your issue isn’t with the poor schmuck standing there trying to execute “his orders”. Your issue is with the politicians and administrators of a foreign government who sent him on this errand, and who are attempting to presume upon you and deprive you, an innocent Third Party, of your rights and guarantees and property assets.

To avoid this outcome, you have to remember who you are and stand on your own feet. You have to tell the “federal government” where its limitations are and back up your claim of birthright political status on the public record.

But why wait for the federal mercenaries to show up on your doorstep? Why not tell the politicians where to get off right now? If you are concerned about Trump writing improper Executive Orders that might be misinterpreted as applying to you and your property— send him a Registered Letter and inform him otherwise.


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