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judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

I have been getting a lot of questions from readers that have already been answered in full, officially, in my books. This may be due to the influx of new readers who are just being introduced to the subjects or maybe I just haven’t been upfront enough in telling people— hey! There are books available to teach you all this stuff and there are references available for you, already organized and published. And they are all available on for a minimal amount of money, so, instead of me writing out the same basic information over and over and over for 360 people, all of whom need to know—– please get your own copy or borrow someone else’s and get familiar with the basic information first. Horse in front of the cart.

Disclosure 101: What You Need To Know gives the history of “what went before” the present effort and led into it, which is basically a process of giving Notice and Due Process to those responsible for the current debacle, so that they cannot claim that they didn’t know about the rampant criminality and weren’t given Due Process opportunity to change it. There are also eleven pages of case and legislation references published for those interested in getting a start on their own research.

You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause is a beginner textbook of the history and the current situation set up as a large print cartoon book. It features abundant citations and illustrations throughout and helpful Appendix material such as the Dun and Bradstreet Numbers for the State of State governments and various municipalities, proving beyond any doubt that they are incorporated entities and business franchises of the parent corporations also cited and an example of a UCC filing. The actual World Court charges presented to the Hague and other world courts also appears.

America: Some Assembly Required is a monograph prepared for President Trump. It is arranged as fifty 30-second “pieces” — like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle — that each stand alone, but together build up to create the far bigger picture, if you just follow along and let the pieces assemble in your head. This requires a different kind of reading than most people are used to, as you have to read the little “sound bites” and take it in, and then move on a piece by piece, instead of plowing straight through in a linear fashion. For those who can do this, this is the fastest means to get up to speed. It also answers many of questions I have been getting lately about the proper structure of the federal government.

So, not that I don’t care about your questions, and not that I haven’t made the effort to answer, but I do recommend that if you have questions you read what has already been organized and presented in these books. Just go to and type in the titles and they should pop right up. None of them are expensive. None of them are technical. And they have been created specifically to answer the questions that everyone has.

Please note that America: Some Assembly Required is written from the standpoint of the business history of America and the organization/structure of the federal government part of it as it is supposed to be (not as it is) which in turn shows everyone what needs to happen to restore the government we are owed.

Just released: Judge Anna von Reitz Interview: Taking Back America.


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