Status Update March 12, 2014

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

I had oral surgery this past week and have been forced to be quiet–literally— but I am all right and well on the way to full recovery, just moving a bit slow and taking it a bit easy.

As for the rest of the world…. imagine two giant Leviathans locked in mortal combat, deep in the sea. Not a lot is visible from dry land, just an occasional large wave, an unusual pattern of ripples, or the rare sight of an awesome back or fin momentarily exposed.

Thus, everything in our world appears to go on pretty much as normal, while underneath the waves it is a very different, very tumultuous story.

The world’s three remaining super-powers each have a stake in cleaning up the mess that the old European hegemony created, so they are aiming at the same basic peaceful result, but still have to find or create alternatives and still have to find better answers than Commercial Feudalism to replace it.

Otherwise, the world could just meltdown into chaos and the same powers that have been so destructive could rise again as the lesser of two (or three or four) evils.

The old European power structure responsible for the enslavement and criminality also invented the banking system that moves money around, like the wires connecting an electric circuit and with dollars, yen, and other “currencies” functioning as electrons. What happens when you disconnect your appliance (economy) from the world banking system?


So, a new plan is needed to replace the old, and yet keep the life-sustaining infrastructure in place and functioning during the transition to a new system.

Luckily for us, we have an alternative and we have offered the world this alternative. A complete, ready-to-go replacement for both the conventional banking system and the conventional internet system.

Those who have lately suffered from vigilante censors on Google and Facebook, those who have suffered crimes of identity theft, those who have avoided online banking because they know that the current Internet is the equivalent of a very, very leaky sieve– take heart.

Our system is silent, seamless, utterly private, utterly un-hackable, utterly secure, and ready to deploy worldwide. Once people experience it, they will want to be part of it because of the quantum leap in service and security it provides, and also because it is completely beyond the grasp and interference of criminals.

This advance in technology is a game-changer that will allow a peaceful and rapid transition to a new world banking system, and will, in turn, allow the development of many other long-sought reforms and initiatives that will overcome the known evils of all the monetary systems that have gone before.

Imagine truly Fair Trade being made available throughout the world?

Imagine new forms of currency that don’t allow for market manipulation, commodity hoarding or “fixes”?

Imagine the poorest of the poor having ready access to uncomplicated assistance, including small business microloans?

It’s coming no matter what the Leviathans do with their submarine battle. A whole new world is being born on the land and soil, and you are all potentially part of it.

There is no need to fear, just an urgent need to wake up and help make the transition as smooth and as happy as possible.

On January 6, 2017, I presented the Payment Bond to the Vatican Chancery Court. On January 7, 2018, exactly a year and a day later, the Age of Aquarius officially began. Our clocks are often wrong, but the Celestial Clock never is. We all know in our hearts and can be sure in our minds that despite what the Leviathans may or may not do, the long-awaited “different age” has come.

Two days from now, March 14th is Pi Day. This is an international celebration honoring the irrational number, Pi. Mathematicians all over the world (me included) will be pausing to have a slice of our favorite pie and thinking deep thoughts about the profound harmonies and mysteries of the Universe we live in. Join us.

Look up Pi if you haven’t thought about it since 7th Grade pre-algebra. Let your mind play with something totally different and relax back in the arms of the Eternal Order.

We are not an accident. We are not a failed experiment. We are not bound to live pointless lives of toil and suffering. We are not alone. We are not helpless. And with a little effort on our part, we won’t be oppressed by charlatans, either.


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