Trump Prepares To Declare California “In State Of Rebellion” – Then To Establish New Government

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

Regarding All This Talk About Trump Declaring California in Rebellion

This is a response to the article (link attached at the bottom of this rant) Sorcha Faal recently released.

In the first place, “California” is an actual State of the actual Union of States, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Territorial State of California, Inc. being run by Jerry Brown.
The Territorial State of California doing business as the State of California, Inc. being run by Jerry Brown is just a franchise of the Territorial United States being run by Donald J. Trump. As a result, they truly don’t have any right to “secede” from their parent corporation. It would be like a Dairy Queen franchise in Santa Monica declaring its “independence” from Dairy Queen, Inc. Can Dairy Queen, Inc., also spin off a new franchise in Santa Monica under a slightly different name—- like New Dairy Queen of Santa Monica? Or “New (Territorial) State of California”? Why not?

Obviously, they have been infringing on our copyrights all the time in all sorts of different ways, substituting their (Territorial) States of States for the (National) States of States we are owed, and playing all sorts of dodgy, dishonest, criminal deceptively-similar name games to promote all this fraud and cause all this trouble on our shores.

I am attaching a text-only chart-like summation of how these disloyal, treasonous British-backed hucksters have undermined and “reconstructed” the federal government we are owed in Gross Breach of Trust. It’s three pages of charts and one page of explanation that should lay bare the whole bullshit scenario we have been living under and who is responsible for it (the British Queen, the British Crown, and the Pope). (Facebook friends visit my website: to see the text charts I am talking about. They will be posted there soon.)

Study it well and distribute it widely so that more Americans and people around the world finally “get it” and we can all be spared another stupid fake mercenary “civil war” at the behest of these insane interlopers. Please dump it on Trump’s desk and on Putin’s and on Trey Gowdy’s, too. Give it to Jeff Sessions and all the cretins running the un-elected, illegal, irresponsible Senior Executive Service. Give it to the endlessly perverse Joint Chiefs of Staff. Shove it up the US Navy’s rear. Please, be my guest. Look at what has actually gone on here.

It’s not that hard to understand. They just dropped certain important words like “Territorial” in “Territorial United States” and “Incorporated” in “the United States of America, Incorporated” —– LOL. They neglected to tell everyone that what they are really talking about when they say “State of Florida”, for example, is that they are talking about the “Territorial State of Florida, Inc.”—– not any actual National level State of State, much less any of our actual National level States. All our National Level State of States that are supposed to be running the “federal government” have been mothballed and “held in trust” by the same perpetrators of this whole Mess— disguised as land trusts managed by (Territorial) State Legislatures.

Wake up! Everyone, everywhere! Wake up! You’ve been robbed, abused, bamboozled by some schmarmy Wordsmiths, deluding and confusing you about what is what and who is who, worse than the old “Who is on first?” comedy routine.

Mr. Putin needs to be aware. Donald Trump needs to be aware. Xi Jinping needs to be aware. Jerry Brown needs to be aware. And they all need to be aware that we are all aware.

And this crappola all needs to stop right about now. If Donald Trump and Jerry Brown think that we are going to be silent while their competing “governmental services” providers stage another bloody fake “Civil War” on our soil, they have another think a-coming. They BOTH need to STAND DOWN and put a stop to this chicanery right NOW!

Unless you want to see 200 outraged American Indian Nations and The United States of America (Unincorporated) show up to a “United Nations” Security Council Meeting and come sit on the Secretary-General’s desk en masse? And how about we stage a march on Vatican City, while we are at it? There are more than enough people in Europe who are sick of this wretched criminality, too.


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