Teen Stabs Boys at Sleepover, Over Islamic Religious Beliefs, Kills One

Religious Beliefs

Nothing to see here in Florida. Just a young lad stabbing three other boys and killing one over radical religious beliefs. At least the knife-wielding tot is not one of those pesky radical Christians.

A Florida teenager — who had previously been investigated for “alleged violent tendencies” — watched jihadist videos and read the Koran “to give him courage” before stabbing a 13-year-old boy to death and seriously injuring two others at a birthday sleepover Monday, cops said.

Corey Johnson, 17, was charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder after police said he confessed to the assault at the 13th birthday sleepover party at a BallenIsles Country Club home, the Palm Beach Post reported.

“In his statement, Johnson claimed that he stabbed the victims because of his Muslim faith,” the affidavit stated.

Kids: One minute they’re playing with alphabet blocks made of Semtex. Then: Before you know it, they’re slaughtering infidels at slumber parties. They grow up so fast . . .

de niro crying

With all the attention on teenagers in Florida lately, you’d think this story would get more attention. I imagine if the kiddo opted for Smith & Wesson instead of Farberware, he might have made the headlines. Alas, knives don’t fit the narrative make for good news. Neither does Quran-induced homicide.

I highly doubt anyone will be suing Kitchen-Aid and calling for knife control after little Corey’s rampage. Because that would be silly, right? This twisted tale further proves that guns aren’t the issue when it comes to kiddie-killing. Mental illness and twisted religious beliefs, on the other hand, are biggies. Maybe instead of raging our over inanimate objects, we should turn our attention to how we’re bringing up our children.


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