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You could take the Birth Certificate (Sea) and the Certificate of Live Birth (Land) to show the court that you have the right to stand on both the “Land” and the “Sea”

Then ask the Judge, show his Bond, his Oath, his Identification, to prove that he has the lawful right to sit behind the Bench (the Bank)

He will refuse to show his Bond because he doesn’t have the right to try a living man for he is acting as a Foreign Corporation (Corpse) having no real standing in Common Law meaning that he can be held liable for bringing false claims against a living man which means that he could be the one who loses his Dominion to the Mineral & Energy Wealth should he accept to show you his true self

The book is called The UCC Connection: How To Free Yourself From Legal Tyranny.

By all means, study the information and verify the massive amount of it that can be verified as what the “law” of man system is claiming upon you, but do not look for actual solutions to the problems created by the “law” of man system within the “law” of man system. The claims of the system are illegitimate by their very nature

The entirety of this knowledge fall’s within the legal (“law”) system created by man to deceive and control others. The “law” of man system aka government, statism “authority”, is either illegitimate or redundant. The only legitimate law is natural law, a free name for which is natural principles, which goes hand in hand with true anarchy.

This is correct, but they will still often ignore your authority if you consent to be identified as a citizen, which includes being called “Mister” or “Miss” or “Mrs.” or by any title whatsoever, and also if you fail to identify your own capacity as a private non-citizen national and don’t have a record of that political status.


The UCC Connection: How To Free Yourself From Legal Tyranny

Paperback – November 6, 2013 — by David E. Robinson  (Author)

THE 10 MAXIMS OF COMMERCIAL LAW 1. A workman is worthy of his hire. 2. All are equal under the law. 3. In commerce, truth is sovereign. 4. Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit. 5. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce. 6. An unrebutted affidavit becomes judgment in commerce. 7. A matter must be expressed to be resolved. 8. He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default. 9. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility. 10. A lien or claim can be satisfied only through (a) rebuttal by counter-affidavit point by point; (b) resolution by a jury; or (c) payment or performance of the claim.



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