Going to a gun range now makes you a potential mass murderer . . .

When I was in high school I would go hunt living things after school to shoot them! To make matters worse I had friends who were doing the very same thing. None of us were threatened with being thrown out of school for that.

We even took the hunting class in (gasp) a classroom in that school building! That, of course, means the teacher of that class was training terrorists on school property and must be punished!

Now the pinnacle of evidence that I am a terrorist! In 7th grade I had my mother, another terrorist, bring 3 of my very functional and very real guns to school. She should have been thrown in jail immediately for that action. Then (drumroll please) she drops them off at the principles office. A teacher, educator and principle with guns in school! OMG. Call out the national guard!

But the story does not end there. Then a 12-year-old boy is handed his guns by this same principle after walking from class to pick them up! Look out! A 12-year-old boy with three real guns in a school hallway. Pull the fire alarm and run for your lives! But since that didn’t happen and no one was in a panic mode about a 12-year-old with guns at school I simply walked back to class. Then I stood in front of the classroom looking out at all of my classmates. Surely the shooting had to start at that point right?

Sorry, no drama at all. I put the guns on the table in front of me facing my classmates and then proceeded to tell my fellow students all about them in my public speaking assignment in English class. I even answered questions about those “assault style” weapons. They were old military rifles so that made them “assault style”. The teacher who was party to this “crime” complimented me after my speech as well. At this point, I must surely have become a raving lunatic and started mass murdering all of the people I knew and cared about right? No, nothing so violent. I then just took the guns back to the principles office and after he called my mother, she came and picked them up.

The above story is true. It really happened. The year was 1982. There was no such thing as school shootings and all of us young people were not popping big pharma’s pills like pez candy. Other students were making gun stocks in shop class and needless to say, had to have the gun in that classroom. In the school parking lot were numerous cars and trucks which had guns and ammunition in them. After school, a lot of young people went hunting and some had been hunting before school. There was not any school on the first day of rifle deer season because if there had been, no one would have shown up for school anyway.

I am so sick and tired of this gun control propaganda. It is nothing more than an effort by tyrants to control people. All evidence exposing how the corporations masquerading as “government” are nothing more than a massive crime syndicate is now available for anyone to see. I have been exposing it now for years here on the NSA’s favorite data mining website Facebook. Gun’s don’t kill people, criminals and psychopaths following orders of their corporate masters do.

No consent to tyranny and propaganda!

Lacey Township School District in central New Jersey suspended two high school students after Snapchat pictures showed them at a gun range outside.


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