Listen to Him Carefully, Folks! 

There will soon be plenty of important information coming at you so you can free yourselves from the BONDAGE enslaving you.

The CROWN is a corporation with Crown Temple B.A.R. Agents who have trafficked your person, engaged in human trafficking to secure their piracy. They need you to be unaware of this.

Romley Stewart gives a stark warning to people who believe their own government to be real and de-jure.

When the Ship pulls into the Berth, the captain must produce a document of manifest to inform the Port Authorities of what Product he is bringing into the country and the economy. This is the law of the Seas, UCC or Uniform Commercial Code is the commercial law that regulates this activity on earth. The captain is being the informer, informing the bankers.

When you were born you come out of your mother’s water, you are labeled a maritime admiralty product. Your parents sign a document called a birth (berth) certificate, informing the Authorities that a product has just been produced.

This is all regulated under Commercial law, the law of the seas and N-O-T the Law of the Land. Your parents became the informers, informing the bankers.

Your Birth (Berth) Certificate (Claim Of Ownership) is a Commercial Document Creating the Corporation known as a P-E-R-S-O-N (Surname), as either Private, Natural, Legal, Juristic, or Artificial.

This is NOT-YOU but a Contract formed between you and the “assumed” Corporate entity in which your parents were tricked into Contract with such as USA, Incorporated… This means whoever is holding the L-E-G-A-L title, they cannot touch the equitable title…

Nobody can “be” a national citizen, a citizen, or anything other than man. One can “have” a status of sorts or of varying types but one can only “be” one man, man can only “be” man, of the male or female kind.

Then one can have a “legal” name (entity/individual/person/citizen) issued by the state to “act” under said “legal” name in commerce. The “legal” name is “of” the state and the state is of a nation/country that is “of” The Crown corporation that is “of” the Queen who holds the estates of all men/women acting under the “legal” names whereby all estates have been transferred to “Regis” via regis-tration…

Put simply, if the man/woman doesn’t have a “certificate” of sorts with his/her “legal” name on it that says the “legal” name is qualified/certified (or whatever) accountant then the man/woman cannot work as an accountant in the “legal” “commerce” “system”!



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