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This is a great demo explaining how child labor works . . .

Big thanks to Liz Chalmers, co-owner of Puget Sound Birth Center Kirkland, WA and Puget Sound Birth Center Renton, WA!  For more info check out birthcenter.com _________________________________________________________

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Alaska Assembling

  Anna von Reitz Thank you for the kind words of support. It is often a lonely battle at the start when you set out to “change the world”— but very gradually, over the course of many years, others begin … Continue reading

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The History that inept U.S. citizens can’t seem to comprehend.

General Charles Cornwallis spelled it out to the illiterate. Now all the present day illiterates are known as U.S. citizens; the special status created for “freed” “black” slaves. They’re a new level of dumb. They’re mentally consigned to be slaves … Continue reading

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Teaching kids in Montana how to milk a cow. . .

I gotta wonder if dis pic makes it into da school paper…  I’ll bet the teacher wishes she would have stood up for the picture 😀 _________________________________________________________

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President Trump Stops Stock Market Crash By Signing Budget _________________________________________________________

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Wolves on the move . . .

Cesare Brai’s photo. “A wolf pack on the move:” “The first 3 are the old or sick, they give the direction and pace of the entire pack.  If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing … Continue reading

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Song Lyrics That Tell the Story…

  Anna von Reitz “Welcome to the Hotel California… you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…..” Zombie-like damned souls check into the “hotel” and are trapped there forever. Sound and feel familiar? There’s a reason. … Continue reading

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EVIDENCE that you’re NOT a ‘person’ whom the State legislature intended to or can regulate.

Persons that State legislature CAN regulate, are State RESIDENTS, CORPORATIONS, and those operating in COMMERCE. So a letter addressed to you WITHOUT a ZIP code would be one such evidence. Or a Declaration of Domicil sent to the State Secr. … Continue reading

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Why Trump Signed the Budget

  Anna von Reitz The only Office that President Trump now has that is fully empowered, is the same Office that Abraham Lincoln held: Commander in Chief. And like Lincoln, he is presiding over a bankrupt government entity in receivership … Continue reading

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The Hardest Choice For Anyone . . .


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