Song Lyrics That Tell the Story…

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

“Welcome to the Hotel California… you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…..”

Zombie-like damned souls check into the “hotel” and are trapped there forever. Sound and feel familiar? There’s a reason. That’s your condition prior to waking up and figuring out what the advertising agencies and your public servants have been up to behind your backs.

They’ve checked you into the Hotel California and left you there with the television on, indoctrinating you with “need the government” and “be afraid” and “eat more” and “buy more” propaganda on all channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s also a bar and a 24-hour pharmacy, and you are cordially invited to just stay there forever and drink and drug yourselves into a pile of mindless mush, so subject to your behavioral conditioning that you salivate like Pavlov’s dog when you see a hamburger on the TV screen.

Cure? Turn the television off. Make conscious choices about what you watch and what you listen to and become critical of the “news” you are being fed.

Do the TV Test if you don’t believe me. Divide a piece of paper into four columns. Label the top of each column with these words: Sex, Death, Sex & Death, and Other Useless Stuff. Then listen to the “Evening News” and make a hatch mark after each story you hear in the column that best describes the content.

What you will soon discover is that most of what masquerades as news falls in the first three categories, and also, that most of it has no possible practical connection to your life, so is of no use to you. So why are you listening to the crap? Do you enjoy feeling depressed, afraid, and helpless? Because that is what this “programming” is designed to do—literally.

Let’s see, there’s an earthquake in Ecuador….mindless madmen beheading children in the Mideast….a new wave of Bird Flue…a new giant dinosaur footprint discovered….Prince Harry set a date….bimbos for hire make accusations against Trump apparently because they are bimbos for hire….

So— death, death, death, useless, useless and sex. And none of it that you can do anything about or profit from at all.

There are a lot of bloated, ugly, foreign criminals making Big Bucks off of you and your appetite for this mental equivalent of a Diet Coke and Pork Rinds with Extra Salt. Their advertisers are making you yearn after 18-year-old models (which is silly) and after fast cars that cost more than a decent house (which you most likely can’t afford and certainly don’t need) and after fast food (that gives your heart disease, cancer, diabetes….).

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains….and we never even know we hold the key…..” — The Eagles, “Already Gone”.

I turned off the Evil Box in 1987 and let the dust settle, put a potted cactus on top of the cabinet, and use it to (infrequently) watch DVD’s of my choosing.

I figured that if anything really important happened, somebody would call me up or say something. And I was right, too.

You can leave The Hotel California any time you please, but if you want to be a mindless, helpless, booze and drug and “news” dependent Zombie living in fear and depression in your own country, behaving like a well-trained dog, buying stuff you don’t need, eating 10,000 calories a day, and feeling paranoid— just be aware that it is your choice and you DO hold the key.

In this case, it’s usually labeled: “On/Off”.


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