Why Trump Signed the Budget

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

The only Office that President Trump now has that is fully empowered, is the same Office that Abraham Lincoln held: Commander in Chief. And like Lincoln, he is presiding over a bankrupt government entity in receivership to foreign banks, which are actually Secondary Creditors that shouldn’t be naming the Bankruptcy Trustees.

That’s the facts, Ma’am.

If Trump hadn’t signed the smoking pile of Pork Barrel perks and placed the Territorial United States more than another trillion in debt, the military wouldn’t have been funded and there is no telling how long it would have taken for the members of this Nasty Congress to gather the votes to either override his veto or support a new budget offer.

Fancy a month or two with no military? And leave Trump with no power at all to control the situation inside or outside of the District of Columbia?

Congress doesn’t care. They are sitting on their little island, ten miles square, impregnable— at least so they think. Most of them are either outright traitors to the American cause or so stupid they couldn’t light a candle in the dark to save themselves.

It’s a game of Chicken, and the President blinked— but it isn’t lack of courage or resolve that made him blink. It’s the fact that he needs the military and he needs his military Office to clean up the Mess, so in this case, it’s a matter of losing to win and denying the Congress the ability to leave America open to invasion by UN mercs and others just itching for an excuse.

You want to know the essence of the problem?

It’s the same problem we have had since 1860: the Territorial Congress. Both political parties. And the mistaken loyalty of the military which has protected these treasonous bastards under the mistaken belief that they “represent” the legitimate National Government when they don’t.

Stupid conservatives have been slinging dirt at Trump all day for signing the Omnibus. Smart conservatives have been silently thanking God for Trump, instead. He knew when to bite it and why to bite it and how to bite it. As a result, you are all safe — and he and the military have a fighting chance to deal with the bankruptcies, the gross corruption, and the restoration of the government you are all owed.

Ever had to take a step backward and pivot, in order to take two leaps forward? Well, you’ve seen him sign the Porkulous Bill, and you’ve seen him appoint Bolton. Now watch for the two leaps forward.


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