March 25 2018 11:13 am EST Intel Alert

1. According to sources, RV system tests have taken place multiple times without error, and release protocols have been finalized and activated.

2. The full list of 800#’s are to be given today at any moment.

3. Tomorrow, Mon. March 26, will be a pivotal day in history for the global economy. Stock market corrections will continue to occur. The launch of the Yuan Oil Futures Contracts will be all over the news — a perfect distraction for the RV.

4. The Petrodollar will be dropped – will mark the end of the Cabal.

5. The trading of oil in gold-backed Yuan made significant progress toward the GCR.

6. Chinese President Xi being given the opportunity to remain in office indefinitely is no coincidence. China’s role is to be the economic power that brings down the Cabal financially.

7. Putin being re-elected is no coincidence as Russia’s role is to be the military deterrent against the Cabal-MIC.

8. All Republic officials and military personnel are in position ready to begin the transition.

9. China is leading the charge under the direction of the Chinese Elders.

10. Be prepared to handle your RV exchange/redemption. God speed.

March 25 2018 10:25 am EST: Sunday Update TNT RayRen98 3-25-18 

1. March 25 Iraqi TV says the National Oil Law has been officially ratified and will be published in the Gazette.

2. Approximately 1,000 arrest warrants for corruption by political leaders, including former Prime Minister Maliki, have been issued today March 25.

March 25 2018 2:00 pm EST: “Skyscraper” – Weekly ZAP – The Office of POOFness – 3.25.18

1. Powers that control are being smitten. Take-downs are ongoing in ways that can’t be discussed.

2. If China is good on its word, there will be an announcement tomorrow, March 26, that China now has a gold-backed currency. China is in a position to be one of the reserve currencies.

3. When this occurs, the US will follow suit. These actions will kick off the exchanges and signal the long-awaited invitation to begin deliveries for the PP’s.

4. F.A.T.C.A. law will be implemented (Foreign Account Tax Compensation Act).

5. DJ: In order for the GCR to happen the following has already or will take place:
a. An overhaul and updating of the SWIFT payment system (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) and its integration with the C.I.P.S. (Chinese International Payment System) and recently the R.P.S. (Russian Payment System).

b. The implementation of the Hercules I.T. /A.I. banking software.

c. The creation of the B.R.I.C.S Banking system (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

d. The development of the A.I.I.B (Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank)

e. An allocation format and percentages agreed to on what portion of the Global Collateral Accounts each participating nation will receive in gold to cover their particular currency circulations.

f. Almost all global and sovereign financial institutions adhere to The Basel III accords with the main focus on capital reserve compliance.

g. An understanding and compromise have been resolved between the Chinese and the Vatican regarding the release of funds and what portion they ill receive. (This has been an unknown roadblock for several months now) 

h. Funds have been allocated and positioned for distribution to destination accounts. 

i. A centralized, global intelligence network has been implemented for oversight and the streamlining of the monitoring of financial activity with respect to all current global financial compliance laws. (Terrorist Act, Money Laundering Act etc.) This is also effectuating the arrest and case building for future indictments of the corrupt behavior within the system 

j. Agreements are in place for the restitution of damages accrued from the illegal activity of the Global Banking and Financial Systems against The Prosperity Programs – restitution to the Global Debt Facility for improper hedging of the collateral accounts. There will be Sovereign Debt Relief, and so on.

k. There will be the removal of U.S. Military bases from strategic location throughout the globe that have caused unrest or unwarranted defensive posturing from surrounding States, thus changing the perception of the U.S. on the global scale from being an offensive irritator to being a defensive peacekeeper. 

l. There are many more events behind the scenes taking place in order for these funds to flow unrestricted to destination accounts for intended purposes. 

6. The coming week is critical. We stand at the brink of many changes which all started tomorrow, March 26.

7. The TTMs for currency are ongoing. This coming week will mark the beginning of payments.

8. Security concerns prevented a lot of sensitive information from being talked about. Sensitive things could be destroyed, or severely hampered if such information was released.


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