Veganism: I’ve decided to experiment with reviving a very more vegan diet — with no illusions of any alleged, possible “ethical consumption” with my personal lifestyle choices while being bound by the state of this world. That is to say that systematic ecocide and any mass torture killings of living beings, whose lives are as important to them as ours are to us, will especially not be solved by the atomized and isolated consumer citizen. No, voting with your money doesn’t change a thing other than to legitimate the occupation of our lives and values that gives exponentially more votes to the very few, the ones either with very twisted morals or no morals at all who have a vested interest in enabling the said ecocide and mass torture and killings. Make no mistake: great records are kept strictly in the form of financial logs which represent death in the abstract: which is to say that that which economists call “capital” is a simulacrum made by sacrificing parts of the world which sustains us intimately. These material commodities afforded to our decadent lifestyles all rest on the lives of beings who suffered so that they may have been exchanged in this form, whether paper, electronics, food, et cetera, all some degree of suffering to death. It doesn’t matter whether we are condemned or blessed to the lives which we’re forced into without consent: life, as a whole, not to say individual lifeforms irrespective the Other, is primary. Even with this recognition which should and must be stated, I don’t pretend like I’m going to buy to ruins the state of this world rooted in alienation or that living beings will not already be mass killed, prepared and packaged by the time I make my purchases. I don’t pretend as if all so-called reasoning in ideology, religion, and politics doesn’t tend towards finding reasons to justify what one already believes. I don’t pretend that my withdrawal from the state of this world, even withdrawing commodities such as meat from my life, will act as an obstacle to its growth, as it consumes all within its reach (though even consuming implies a natural process, as nature doesn’t get this out of balance, its homeostasis). I’m not going to act as if there isn’t irrevocable harm done to someone, somewhere (human or non-human being), so long as these kinds of exchanges are facilitated, regardless of personal lifestyle choices for or against a global machine based on a death urge. This culture is insane because it teaches us to hate ourselves and hate our world, or else we wouldn’t allow it to harm and commodify our lives, bodies, and homes. With this meditation, I act in self-interest, a heavy heart, and open eyes while recognizing its utter insignificance in the scheme of things. I believe in the inevitable, and that includes our beautiful struggles, no matter how futile, though I don’t assume the arrogance to assert claims regarding any assumed conclusions or immanent ages. As a final thought, for conscientious people who have the luxury of attempting change in society, you would do much better to shift your focus from consumption towards production and ultimately extraction. Understanding the historical construction of the individual allows us to direct our wishes from false hopes and stage shows to perceived clarity, though I don’t claim the omniscience to be arrogant about the theory of what life has led me to believe, or the unalienated power to liberate our minds, bodies, and spirits. So no, veganism isn’t going to save the world, but it’s a personal choice, and a healthy one at that. As much as anyone may hate the term virtue signaling, whether or not one has the privilege of being a vegan shouldn’t invalidate educating each other as we understand the state of the world. The personal is political, and choices like veganism are an echo in the dark, even if it doesn’t reverberate with real power to impact something so much greater than all of us.


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