Duality Applied to Trusts and Treasonous Toads

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

After all I have shown you about the duality perpetuated by the criminals known as the Masters of Confusion, it should come as no surprise that just as there are multiple things calling themselves “United States of America” the meaning of “trust” has been redefined.

The Latin root-word of “trust” is “trucido” which means “to slaughter, to kill mercilessly”.

Another Latin word, “fidelis” means “faithful”.

From this it should follow that you all recognize “trusts” as bad things, not good, and you should also bridle up and wonder what in blazes is a “fidelity trust” — also known as a “fiduciary trust”?

A “fiduciary trust” is run by “Fiduciaries”—- people who are accountable back to the Donors and Beneficiaries of the Trust and who can be dismissed and easily replaced if they fail to perform adequately and in the best interests of the Donors and Beneficiaries. Fiduciaries have to meet the “Prudent Man Standard” and cannot just ram around and do what they please with the assets entrusted to them. As a result, the overall meaning of “Fiduciary Trust” is to take away the ugly underlying meaning of “trust” and convert it into something good by introducing the concept and requirement of “good faith and accountability” on the part of the Fiduciary Trustees.

Other kinds of trusts are run by “Trustees” who may or may not be honest, may or may not be accountable, and may or may not meet reasonable standards of performance. They are not required to meet the Prudent Man Rule in their administration of trust assets and they can basically just fritter away or lock up or otherwise abuse their positions. The Parable of the Faithful and Unfaithful Servants come to mind. When the Master returns home, what does he find? Some have served him well in his absence, and some have not.

Our Forefathers all around the world set up National Trusts as Fiduciary Trusts.

In America, the original National-level State Legislatures named two Senators each to function as Fiduciaries, who were accountable back to the actual State Legislature for conducting our business and preserving our National Trust.

[In order to try to straighten out the confusion caused by the Territorial Schemers, I am going to adopt the convention of calling the original States of States “National State of Wisconsin” and so on, as opposed to “Territorial State of Wisconsin”.]

But after the so-called Civil War when the Territorial States of States usurped upon the National States of States we are owed, everything changed. We were no longer running under a National Fiduciary Trust, but under a British Commercial Trust, with the Trust being operated by the members of the Territorial United States Congress.

The Treasonous Toads published a “new” territorial Constitution for themselves, so similar to the actual Constitution that people didn’t see the difference. The actual Constitution is an international treaty and trust document that also incorporates a commercial services contract, Their look-alike and sound-alike “constitution” of 1868 was a commercial corporation charter for a “ringer” calling itself “The United States of America” (Incorporated)—to deliberately confuse it with our sovereign government, The United States of America (Unincorporated) —and secretively “hypothecate” debt against our assets.

Via this semantic deceit and gross infringement on our copyrights, they foisted off this fraudulent construct, and, since their “constitution” was redefined as the articles of a commercial corporation, it could be amended by By-Laws changes. No ratification by the States required.

That’s why the public record proves that from the 14th Amendment on, none of the so-called “Amendments” were properly ratified by the States.

Among their first nefarious acts was to change the nature of the trust relationship between the State Legislatures and the [Territorial] United States Senators. Now, under the Territorial Theft and Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Contract, the “US” Senators were released from the obligation to act as Fiduciary Trustees and allowed to function as Commercial Trustees.

As a result, the Treasonous Toads were no longer and still are not accountable to the states or the people of this country. They aren’t even subject to recall. For six years, they have absolute Carte Blanch to do whatever they want and we can’t even get rid of them via a recall election.

And all this undermining of our lawful government has taken place under conditions of virulent fraud and deceit of all kinds.

As a result. the out-of-control-spending-machine in Washington, DC kicked into hyper-drive. Instead of Fiduciary Trustees accountable to us, Commercial Trustees were substituted– and Commercial Trustees owe no loyalty to the Donors or the Beneficiaries, only to the Corporation. These are the kind of Trustees that operate trusts to kill, to slaughter mercilessly.

And so before God and Man, they have done so through two World Wars and countless other lesser conflicts.

They have financed these endless wars by bilking the innocent American People, and told every lie there is to tell.

They have raped and pillaged and plundered our National Trust and the National Trusts of virtually every other country on Earth, all using the same recipe of replacing the lawful land jurisdiction governments with lawless territorial corporations “acting as” governments instead.

When we say “acting as” we mean it in exactly the same sense as an actor pretending to be someone else, only in this case, it has been a cast of over a million such operators in this country, and many millions more in other countries.

Not all of them, of course, have been aware of the fraud and deceit—- but some have been aware and they have invariably accrued large personal fortunes in the course of their “public service”—- ill-gotten gains that deserve to be confiscated, along with their Congressional and other public pensions and benefits.

Why should they be paid and respected and richly rewarded for betraying their country and their countrymen? It is because of the dishonesty, disloyalty, and incompetence of the members of “Congress” and prior corporate Administrations that this good and gallant country is in the mess it is in, and that the world as a whole has suffered so terribly at the hands of unaccountable territorial corporate governments for over a century.

Now, they are all bankrupt.

And now, if you will all kindly join in the effort — worldwide — it’s payback time.

By that, I don’t suggest or encourage any acts of violence or rioting or anything of the sort. What I suggest is that you join with us in our peaceful and lawful re-conveyance of assets back to the countries and the people to whom those assets belong (including ours) and the overall restructuring of the banking and corporate world, the discharge of odious debts, and the housecleaning that is 150 years overdue.

In the next few days you will see a lot of announcements and prattle and credit changing hands, but don’t forget that the action you are seeing depends on further action to consolidate change that will reform the way that business is done and redefine the operations and authorities of governments worldwide—-in other words, don’t blink and take all the sound and whirly-gigs for real change.

Keep your eyes on the prize and your hands on the wheel.

What you will be seeing is the Puppetmasters changing hands from one pocket to another. And that is change, but not actual change of the kind that is so desperately needed.

Gold standard or paper standard is not a big change, though they would like you to believe that it is. The actual change is when you insist on electing your own accountable Fiduciary Officers to safeguard your National Trust, and give the boot to Central Bank appointed Corporate Trustees who have run wild with your credit cards.

A trust, like a gun, is just a tool — a tool that is no better or worse than the men who control its use. It is up to each and every one of you to reclaim the National Trust you are owed and to enforce the actual Public Law supporting it— and kick the weasels straight to the curb.

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