Marine Veteran Rebukes David Hogg: “Grow Up & Deal With Criticism Like An Adult, Or Shut Up!”

David Hogg has been whining not just about his disdain for the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment, but also for the fact that Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham dared to mock his failure at getting into four colleges, which she apologized for but shouldn’t have.  Hogg, still just a child, can’t take the criticism and called for a ban of Fox News because he was exposed for how obviously ill-equipped he is to get in those schools, but is obviously controlled enough to be a useful idiot for the Communists.

So, a US Marine veteran decided to, as gently as a Marine can do, rebuke him in a letter.

Joe Newby of Conservative Firing Line wrote a letter to Hogg, in which he both sympathized with the loss of friends in the Parkland high school shooting on Valentine’s Day this year and gave him a rude awakening to the reality of life itself, something that a true friend would do.


I understand how you must feel after losing 17 of your classmates.  As a 10-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I know what it’s like to lose comrades and friends in a senseless act of bloody violence.

We all deal with our losses in various ways.  Some of us do so quietly, while others comfort themselves with prayer, confident that the day will come when we’ll all be reunited.  You, however, chose to become a public spectacle.

Indeed, Hogg chose to be the public spectacle he has become.  And while there are tens of thousands of kids and many adults who agree with his position, it’s the fact that he is obnoxious and hypocritical in what he says about the issue of the Second Amendment and then how he behaves about it.


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