Judge: – Sir, you are charged with blah blah blah, on this ticket or citation. How do you plead?

Response: – Point of Oder. After issuing a standard form appearance ticket or uniform citation, which does not confer jurisdiction on any court, federal and state rules of procedure require an officer, before arraignment or first hearing, to file a long form complaint including a sworn statement of probable cause, and the state attorney to file an appearance and “Information based on complaint” from which the defendant can ascertain sufficient information to make an informed plea, and from which the court may acertain sufficient information to find probable cause to demand a plea and bind the case over for trial, without which the court lacks personal jurisdiction and is required to dismiss for lack of probable cause, or schedual an examination or probable cause hearing.

Or you can improvise and substitute facts and fabricate evidence for the prosecution misrepresenting the record affirming the finding of probable cause in your imagination, engaging in obstruction of justice and judicial misconduct.

MOTION TO DISMISS for failure to state a justiciable controversy of fact and Law, for the officer’s failure to file a complaint including an affidavit of probable cause and state attorney’s failure to file an information based on complaint or notice of appearance resulting in an inadequate notice and defective service of process.

Scripture requires I put forth an effort to settle you lying, cheating, and stealing a dismissal from me privately before taking you to court over it, somewhere in between the parking lot outside this courtroom and your driveway, which would result in a record being made in the national headlines.

You want to follow the rules of proceedure, or find out who you serve and who your boss is?


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