Stop Imagining that “America” is Mystery Babylon

judge2banna (1)  Anna von Reitz

There are some very well-crafted and well-reasoned videos out on the market that analyze the status of ancient Biblical prophecies. Those prophecies indicate that “Mystery Babylon” will suffer the loss of power— as in electrical power due to some eventuality like an EMP attack. She will go dark and into darkness.

The producers of these Biblical Fear Monger videos seek to sell good decent people all their “secret” survivalist knowledge — at a price calculated to benefit only themselves, especially since all this special knowledge turns out to be pablum any average Boy Scout knows and which farmers, hunters, loggers, naturalists, and even a good many day hikers would laugh at.

You will learn such “precious life-saving knowledge” as the need to boil or otherwise treat surface water for drinking. How to dig a latrine. How to re-use plastic bags. The fact that vinegar kills bacteria.

Frankly, if you don’t already know these things, you are too stupid to live.

But that is not the worst of it. These videos invariably portray “America” as the problem and “America” as “Mystery Babylon”, the Great Whore, the Mother of Abominations—- and she is not. America is, again, being confused and mixed up with her ugly little British step-sister from Hell, the [Territorial] United States.

The Statue of Liberty is undoubtedly a representation of the Ancient Babylonian goddess Ishtar foisted off on the good people of New York City as an emblem of “liberty” which they mistakenly thought of as “freedom”.

In fact, liberty is what British sailors are given as a reward when they reach port and nothing resembling true freedom at all. So “Lady Liberty” is an obscene fraud promoted by the P2 Freemason Lodge and their brethren at the Grand Lodge in Paris. An inside joke. A defamation. A Phoenician “road sign” saying, “For a good time, stop here!”

They must have just about pooped their pants with glee when they pawned that one off and all the silly sentimental ladies gushed and wrote stupid poems about “lifting her lamp beside the golden door”— those same nineteenth-century matrons would have shoved their umbrellas up the rumps of those same men if they had only known what the “Statue of Liberty” really is and what it really stands for.

But they didn’t —and so, the statue of The Great Abomination stands in New York Harbor, like a piece of physical graffiti, standing — as Jesus said it would — where “it should not stand”. Thanks to our gullibility and innocence, all “she” really stands for is just how virtuous and kindly and yes, ignorant, we really are.

The only righteous answer is to take it down and pack it up and send it back to France with a polite note saying, “Now that we know what this really is, we don’t care to have it associated with our city or our country. Perhaps you can melt it down and make some more useful birdcages, trash bins, public urinals, and park benches— all of which you seem to be in need of.”

No, America is decidedly NOT Mystery Babylon and our Righteous Redeemer and Our Father are fully aware of our innocence and who is actually responsible for that offensive statue. Have no fear. The guilty ones can be identified nowadays with astonishing precision and the “darkness” is likely to be short-lived so long as we all keep our heads in order and say our prayers.

So where or what is Mystery Babylon in the present world? Well, it’s the back end of the tribe of Manasseh, which was split in half, with one half remaining true to the True God and the other half following after the gods and goddesses of Babylon.
That much is obvious, and its even obvious that Manasseh is largely encamped here in this country—- and still split, with one portion (the Territorial and Municipal United States) being devoted to Death and the Devil, and the other, larger portion, devoted to Life and Jesus.

It turns out that if Mystery Babylon exists in this country at all, it would have to be located in the District of Columbia. After all, “Columbia” is just another name for Ishtar, Semiramis, Cybele, Astarte, Ashtoreth—- the Mother of All Harlots. And it is true that Washington, DC does “sit on the waters” — as it was literally built on a swamp, and it does have “seven hills” though they are so negligible as to invite mockery.

All in all it looks like Washington, DC is being set up as a target for Divine Wrath, a decoy with a big sign out front seeming to proclaim that it, not Rome, not London, is “The” Problem. But, as usual, the P2 Lodge and their pals in Paris totally underestimate our God, because theirs is so very petty and unconcerned about Truth. What can you expect from people that worship penises and a giant python?

The more obvious target of Divine Wrath in my mind is Rome, because Rome has tolerated and profited from and promoted all this lawlessness and debauchery ever since it sacked Carthage and caught the “disease” of Babylonian religion and began (in about 200 BC) to hire priests of Cybele (another name for Ishtar) to collect taxes for them. These “priests” were professional liars and tricksters who wore black robes and bleached their hair white — just like British Barristers do to this very day, only the Bar Members wear wigs and unfortunately, no longer castrate themselves in honor of their “goddess”.

Rome is part of the Italian Peninsula and it is most certainly “surrounded by waters” and “sits on seven hills” and far, far more than poor America, has a history of debauchery and slyness and criminality and greed and lust for power and vanity and also, far more than America, has controlled the wealth and commerce of the world.

My vote for Mystery Babylon goes to Rome.

Though, in fact, the Inner City of London could also qualify…. it has seven hills and sits on an island surrounded by water, more than any other entity, it has controlled shipping and commerce, both. Plus, it insists on openly worshiping Satan and keeps a big statue of His Ugliness in public view. So, here’s my ranking of the possible candidates:

1. Rome, because of the falsehood of the Church and using the Church as a storefront for illegal, immoral, and disgusting activities. Plus, it meets all the Biblical requirements.
2. City of London, because it also meets all the criteria of “Mystery Babylon” and deserves destruction almost as much as Rome.
3. Washington, DC, a distant third and Weak Sister throughout, because the American People are basically so naive and good that instead of being bad, they wind up just being stupid and led astray by the other two monsters. If we suffer, we suffer for that, and it will be the District of Columbia/New York City that takes the hit.

Besides, Our Divine Family knows what’s what and who is who in this little drama. Your Creator and Your Redeemer, both of whom are kind and just and now in control of this planet— can read your history and intent and culpability (or lack thereof) at a glance. Nothing escapes either one of them.

They are not fooled by the gambits of men— like putting the “Statue of Liberty” in New York Harbor in the hopes of defiling America and shoving the blame for all this depravity off on the Americans. They are as far above the P2 Lodge and the Grand Lodge Paris members as the sky is above the Earth; there will be no mistakes and no laughs for the fraud artists.

Finally, there is a very, very good reason why America as a whole is unlikely to be the victim of an EMP or other similar attack — Our Father has made it very, very clear that He is not here to destroy the Earth — only the “World”— the fake illusory man-made world of commerce as-we-have-known-it with all its violence and oppression—THAT is what is on the docket for destruction, along with the lies and oppression and violence that has gone with it.

Biblical prophecies, every single one of them, will be fulfilled, but not necessarily in the ways we assume or imagine. Always remember that Our Father does not think as we think or do as we do, but you can count on Him to do the right thing and to do it perfectly.

Now that He is here on the Earth again, I have no fear for the future at all. Sure, it makes sense to set aside some extra food and fuel and take precautions for social upsets or natural disaster-type upsets, but not to brood and fret and be fearful.

Dad is home. Our Brother, Jesus, is home at last.

To me, that is a very welcome and comforting thought.


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