Tired of Arguing with Friends, Family, Lawyers, and Everyone Else?

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Here’s my reply to Larry Becraft, Bob Hurt, and all the other Bar Attorneys and everyone else in denial.

Here is your answer. Quick, easy, utterly authoritative. It’s not just Grandma telling you (or all the Doubting Thomases you know) the Truth about the Banks and Politicians and Bar Associations and Political Parties and the history behind all this.

Read it, download it, print it, reproduce it, share it —- and weep for how gullible we’ve been.

We, the Sheeple v. the Banksters:

Hundreds of quotations from former Presidents, Senators, Economists, and many highly respected people throughout history provide the proof that spells out exactly what is happening in our country right now! Insiders at the Fed, the largest Banks, and Wall Street are hijacking our country right before…


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