The Eighth Covenant

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Those of you who have studied piano know that the keyboard is divided into sets of eight notes called “octaves”. The first and last note of each octave is the same, simply resonating at a different frequency.

Similarly, there are Seven Covenants recorded in the Bible, analogous to the seven separate notes of the musical octave. The Eighth Covenant resonates with the First Covenant — the Covenant of Adam and the Creation.

When we speak of a “New Earth” — take it literally. It is a New Earth that resonates with the Earth of the First Covenant. We are in the Creation Cycle right now.

You will begin to see and experience some strange things and may even think that you are hallucinating, but this is not so. You are simply beginning to perceive things differently, to function at a different frequency—and to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t be aware of.

You are all familiar with how a radio tuner works. You turn the dial or– nowadays, push the button– and change the station. As you do, you hear different songs being played, and we take this for granted. What is happening now is quite similar and is no cause for fear: the Earth is changing channels, moving to a higher octave of itself.

However, since this “changing the channel” affects far more than perception of radio waves, all your senses will be impacted—sight, sound, gravity, time, geo-spatial orientation, and even senses that you have that you aren’t currently aware of— are all being affected.

You may experience all the symptoms of detoxification. You may have unusually severe allergy-like symptoms with runny nose and coughing up gunk from your lungs, especially if you are or were a smoker. You may have bowel symptoms, especially runny stools; be on the watch for dehydration and drink plenty of good fresh water or better yet, natural lemonade or natural fruit flavored water.

You may feel disoriented, dizzy, and fatigued. You may suffer odd aches and pains, pin pricks, lapses of memory, muscle cramps in odd places like the arches of your feet. Your sleep cycle may be interrupted, sporadic, and you may feel the need to sleep far more than you normally do. Even young people may feel like someone just “turned off the switch” and pull an Energizer Bunny-type collapse— desperately needing an afternoon nap for no apparent reason.

The waves of creation energy are passing through you and through the entire planet. Everyone and everything is impacted. Your pets and plants will all be off-kilter, too.

As uncomfortable as this can be, we are witnessing the (re) birth of our Earth into a new dimensional frequency, something that has not happened since the days of Adam. We are very privileged to be here at this time, and can participate in it willingly and consciously and without fear as parties to the Eighth Covenant.

There will be no big announcement about this any more than there is an announcement about a volcano erupting or a Monsoon. Insomuch as the Earth has a voice and we hear her, we are being told and merely need to listen. Those who are running around like chickens before a thunderstorm squawking about “climate change” are only seeing with their eyes and not perceiving with their hearts. If they listened to the Earth they would know the Truth and would bring themselves and their behavior into alignment.

As for you, reading this, you can help yourself and your family by accepting the changes going on all around you and adopting a good attitude, instead of a fearful attitude. You can make the physical symptoms easier to bear by taking steps to detoxify — plenty of fresh non-chlorinated water, preferably with lemon or lime— eating a light mostly fruit and vegetable diet, and getting plenty of rest. This last may not neatly be accomplished in eight hour stints, but can be accomplished by going to bed earlier, taking naps, and other strategies.

Your life has always been a miracle, but now you are living within a swiftly evolving miracle that is much larger than you. Bless the Earth and realize that the Eighth Covenant is rolling out and being accomplished in your lifetime.

The Eighth Covenant is called The Covenant of the Holy Spirit. Those who have read the Testament of Revelations have been confused because it says that the world will be destroyed by fire, but that He will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth. Be confused no more.

The world is not the Earth. The “world” is the mirage-like set of constructions that men have made to better organize their activities and indeed, this world is being destroyed and replaced with something much better, and just as the scripture says, it is being “destroyed by fire” for the essence of the Holy Spirit is fire that does not burn, does not destroy, but instead revives and restores and grants new life. Remember the “tongues of flame” that came down on Pentecost?

The Holy Spirit has accomplished, and is accomplishing, all of this. He is connecting the hearts and minds of men and women of goodwill throughout the world to remake the world. He is husbanding the Earth through the travail of birth.

Above all, do not be afraid, and do not allow your hearts or minds to be overly troubled. This is for your good and for the good of every living thing. Whatever suffering there may be is only the pangs of birth, nothing unnatural, nothing unknown, and these shall pass and cease and leave us with the blessing of a new beginning and a New Earth and a new covenant, the Eighth Covenant.


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