Territorial Hypocrites

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Everyone please bear with me. So much has been going on and so many needs are so urgent that my mail and messaging system is in flood stage. Paul recently forwarded a message that broke my heart, but it got lost in the slipstream and I am stuck replying to it in public, or not at all.

It came from a black patriot wanting to join the Texas Republic and wondering how that could work, since prior to 1860, slavery was the rule in Texas and elsewhere in the South. He wanted to know if he would be welcome at the meeting in Kerrville, Texas, April 14. He had written and not gotten an answer back.

Well, if a white woman can come and be welcome to speak, I assume that a black man is welcome, too, as it should be, for we all love this country, and we have all suffered together. And we all have gifts, knowledge, and experience to offer.

If you aren’t welcome, you and I will adjourn to the sidewalk and if anyone else wants to hear what I have to say, they’ll have to come join us.

While the rules were generally that you had to be white to vote, you only had to be free, of age, male, and a landowner to elect. There is a difference between “voting” and “electing”.

Our ancestors didn’t focus on color, but on condition. As long as a black man was not under obligation to serve someone as an indentured servant or slave, and was at least 21 years of age, and had the moxie to own a bit of land, he could participate in the elections in most states.

After the so-called “Civil War” the Territorial Hypocrites were in charge, so they and their bankruptcy trustees pulled a real fast one. They abolished private slave ownership and permanently enshrined public slave ownership, instead. They arbitrarily conferred their Territorial Citizenship on the freed slaves and made them slaves to the government corporation(s) instead.

Purportedly in voluntary and equitable exchange for their names, their labor, their assets, and their freedom, the victims of this vicious scheme received the benefits of the “Public Charitable Trust” or “PCT” set up for displaced plantation slaves.

Of course, all the “benefits” amounted to a tiny fraction of the value of the assets the vermin seized upon by this process.

‘They have since tried to apply the same reasoning and the same process to enslave everyone in this country, black, brown, yellow. or white. They are equal opportunity Slave Masters.

So where does this leave a black patriot with respect to the Republic of Texas? Like so many other things — like the status of the western states which haven’t yet been formally enrolled as states — African-Americans are still waiting for our states to officially recognize them as non-citizen nationals. I don’t believe that that is any problem, it’s just another part of the backlog of work facing the land jurisdiction states and the Continental Congress.

It was grossly wrong what they did to the former plantation slaves and it is wrong what they have done to everyone else in the years since then. It is more than past time that we all said a big, fat, “No!” and slapped their greasy paws and joined together to put an end to this criminality.

There are still bigots and victims of group-think prejudice, but it turns out that the real bigots and hypocrites were never the land jurisdiction states or people. That distinction belongs to the Territorial United States and the British snobs running the Territorial Government.


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