Will Trump Initiate a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre? Trump Is On the Edge of Being Impeached

I have maintained that President Trump should have fired Sessions and Rosenstein a long time ago. My hat is off to Michael Savage as he has uncovered proof that ultimately, it was Jeff Sessions’ actions that led to the FBI raid on Trump’s private attorney.

Robert Mueller is also involved as is Christopher Wray, the FBI Director. Through several articles, I have maintained that Jeff Sessions is Deep State and this is just one more piece of the proof that cements this assertion. This is just one massive conspiracy to take Trump from office and put an end to American populism once and for all. Read my lips America, your civil liberties and very possibly your freedom is at stake here. This is an outright coup against the President of the United States.

We are now living in Stalinist Russia as this action by the Southern District of New York and Jeff Sessions effectively ended all attorney-client privilege in the United States. In addition, the lawlessness of the entire Deep State is on full display for all to see, at least for those that have eyes to see.

Time’s Up!

At least there are a few men and women of integrity left on Capitol Hill.

Time is up for the Justice Department! Representative Nunes, the House Intelligence Chair, is prepared to enforce the previous deadline imposed by the Committee. Today is the day that the illegally withheld DOJ documents are due on Nunes’ desk in an unredacted fashion by the start of business today (April 11, 2018).

These documents are unredacted (unaltered) documents related to the Russian probe with regard to the so-called “Russian-collusion-delusion” in which it was alleged that Trump’s campaign people conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

In particular, Nunes is looking for a two-page document that will shed some light on the origin of the Russian investigation spearheaded by special prosecutor Robert Mueller who pulled the trigger on the raid of Trump’s attorney by giving documents to the Southern District prosecutors. This is a well-orchestrated plot involving Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, and Mueller.

The document in question relates to Carter Paige, in which Nunes feels that this will provide the smoking gun which will establish that this whole investigation is a sham. Representative Nunes told Fox News reporter, Laura Ingraham, that he (Nunes) was getting serious about bringing this situation to a close.

“It is a situation where it is “trickle down” documents. We issued the subpoena in August, we’ve walked through the evidenced piece by piece and everytime we get a little bit more, we find more facts that need to be fully investigated… We are interested in the warrant against Carter Paige, a Trump associate.. Since that time we have investigated the State Department. We have a special interest in this electronic communication information. 

If this deadline is missed by the DOJ, Nunes promises to issue contempt citations. Now in recent years, this process means nothing. For the record, Sessions is not on the hook for this document because he recused himself in favor of Rosenstein taking over the purge against Trump. However, I am beginning to wonder if Sessions is not complicit in the Carter Paige affair and his recusal was designed to cover this and the refusal of the DOJ to hand over this two-page document is another way of covering up Sessions Deep State involvement. Nunes says a contempt citation is coming if the documents are not handed over.

Congressional Contempt Citations

After Fast and Furious, former and disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, has issued a contempt citation for failing to cooperate with Congress. Nothing happened to Holder as a result of this declaration. However, Nunes plans to go a lot further than Congress ever been willing to go in the recent past and he is willing to go not only go after contempt citations, but impeachment as well.

The individuals who will be impacted are FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Nunes also went on to say the following:

“I’m going to tell you that we will not just be going after contempt, we are going after impeachment…  Also, the office of the Special Prosecutor has been leaking documents to the media.”

Today, April 11, 2018, could be a monumental day in revealing to the American people who loyal to the Deep State.


A few months ago, Revolution Radio’s Paul Martin and an associate witnessed Jeff Sessions raking former close Clinton ally, Larry Nichols over the proverbial coals over leaking information to The Common Sense Show.  I was baffled by the Sessions allegations, because Nichols had given me nothing that I did not already have. Now I think I know why Sessions was so upset. He was afraid that I would discover his nefarious associations with the South District of New York prosecutors which ultimately led to the raid on Trump’s attorney. This is where the aforementioned Michael Savage revelation comes in.  Sessions has been dirty since day one and this is why he recused himself so he could cover up his Deep State involvement.

Trump may be spared the trouble and embarrassment of firing Wray and Rosenstein. However, he will still have to fire Sessions which should be easy to do after what Michael Savage revealed on April 10, 2018.

If Trump does not move to fire these “Deep Staters”, he will be looking at an impeachment trial this summer.

One has to wonder out loud if these are the reasons that Trump is siding with the war-mongers on Syria? Is this a backroom deal designed to keep him in office, for the time being?

If Nunes does not impeach these treasonous clowns, Trump needs to go down fighting and do the same thing.

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